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Teacher's union in Louisana

Interesting read as the unions do NOT want parents to make decisions on behalf of their children!

Private schools intimidated for participating in legislature-approved voucher program
by Dave Tombers
Dave Tombers is a retired police officer, former teacher, ex-Realtor, and past chairman of a large Christian school. Dave lives with his wife, 6 kids, and 2 dogs and has been writing articles for several years.

While teachers unions across the country routinely may challenge school voucher programs in court, the teachers union in Louisiana, the Louisiana Association of Educators (LAE) has developed a new tactic - bully the schools that accept the vouchers.

The American Federation for Children - the nation's voice for school choice which is dedicated to empowering families with the ability to take charge of K-12 education choices for their children - today condemned the actions of the LAE.

In a prepared statement, the federation alleges the LAE is bullying small, private schools.

The Louisiana Board of Education shares the federation's disgust and urges the bullied schools to "ignore the LAE's absurd actions."

WND – Dave Tombers – 7/28/2012
Private schools intimidated for participating in legislature-approved voucher program
In a prepared statement, the federation alleges the LAE is bullying small, private schools.
The Louisiana Board of Education shares the federation’s disgust and urges the bullied schools to “ignore the LAE’s absurd actions.”

Private schools in Louisiana received letters this week from Brian Blackwell of the Blackwell & Associates law firm, which represents the state teachers union.

The letter threatened lawsuits for participating in the school choice program signed into Louisiana law this spring.

That law, part of a comprehensive education improvement project called Louisiana Believes, allows low-income parents the chance to pull their kids out of schools that are rated “C,” “D” or “F” and send them via vouchers to schools maintaining an “A” or “B” rating.
White said in a Department of Education statement provided to WND, “Trying to prevent people from doing what’s right for their children is bad enough. Doing it with no basis whatsoever is disgraceful.
“School starts in three weeks. It’s time to put politics behind us and start focusing on our kids,” he said.
Kevin P. Chavous, a senior adviser to the American Federation for Children, denounced the bullying tactics as a remarkably cruel attempt to block children from attending the schools their parents have chosen for them.
“It’s despicable that adults would use the threat of legal action to stop schools from accepting students who desperately want a better education, thereby squashing their dreams and those of their parents,” Chavous said.
The Louisiana Board of Education says that the teachers union was denied a petition in court that sought an injunction against the program and is now using “scare tactics” to get its way, calling the behavior of the union “shameful.”
READER COMMENTS: More and more parents are taking their children out of
public schools because they are not learning. Schools are hostile to a true education, the Family and God.
YouTube: The Shocking Truth About Public Schools
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ABC’s John Stossel
YouTube:The Secret History of
Western Education [Charlotte Iserbyt - Full]
READER COMMENT: After Hurricane Katrina hit, quite a number of residents of southeast Louisiana relocated to east Texas, Houston in particular. Their children were enrolled in schools, and it wasn't long after enrollment that Texas teachers and educators discovered how far behind they were from their established Texas classmates. Appalling!
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Louisiana teachers union threatens to sue voucher schools
The Foundry – Lindsey Burke – 7/27/2012

The left’s tactic of intimidation is at work again, this time in Louisiana. The Louisiana Association of Educators is threatening litigation against private parochial schools in the state that plan to accept voucher students this fall.

This past Wednesday, private schools that have elected to participate in the new statewide school choice option received a letter from the union’s attorney threatening that litigation would be brought against them unless they signed a letter informing the Louisiana Department of Education that they will not be accepting voucher students.

“Clint Bolick, Vice President for Litigation at the Goldwater Institute in Arizona, has argued and won landmark cases in state and federal court on behalf of school choice programs around the nation. “In over two decades of school choice advocacy, I’ve never seen thuggery of this magnitude. What the unions can’t accomplish in the courtroom, they’re trying to achieve through bullying schools whose only offense is offering educational opportunities to children who need them.”

Schools, parents, and policymakers in Louisiana, who have pushed to have one of the broadest choice programs in the country, should not bend to union strong-arm tactics. These tactics are to be expected, but they should serve as a sign that the unions are grasping at straws to try to maintain the status quo—and it won’t work. 
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