Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Common Core Islamic Indoctrination Textbook has Floridians Outraged
Freedom Outpost – Janna Brock – 11/5/2013

Common Core Islamic indoctrination of students in American schools is overt. This is the goal. In Volusia County Florida, hundreds are protesting the ode to Islam that is "World History," a Common Core approved high school history textbook. With an entire chapter dedicated to the virtues of Islam, and not a single chapter for Christianity, the textbook has Floridians in a frenzy.

And who is the biggest pusher of Common Cores besides leftist progressives? The Islamic Society of North America, another Muslim Brotherhood front group, along with Hamas-CAIR; and in Florida, Hamas-CAIR is on the offensive. Common Core seeks to indoctrinate students, to brainwash them into becoming followers of Islam; to make jihadists via the classroom. So, who's behind the push for Common Core Islamic Indoctrination? Muslim Brotherhood front groups, namely the Islamic Society of North America.

In Florida, Hamas-CAIR is taking exception to the charge that the "World History" textbook used by high school history students is overtly pro-Muslim. It is more than pro-Muslim. It is more than just an Islam praising textbook. It is an instructional manual for the religion of death, and is a precursor to conversion.

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