Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why a Tea Party in Eagle River, WI?

This helps explain the $50 trillion debt that the US owes. This is why we are having the Tea Party! We are not alone in our frustrations -- over 1,270 Tea Parties are being held in cities across the country!

Plan to rally with us in Eagle River, at the World Championship Snowmobile Derby Track, July 4, 6 pm until dusk. Speakers, entertainment, and concerned citizens seeking fiscal responsibility in government!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Issues Statement

Our organization will work with and for individuals, officials, governments and organizations
at the local, state, and federal levels that are dedicated to protecting Christian values in America, in areas such as:

Hate Crimes Legislation
The Fairness Doctrine
Uncensored Public Prayer
Creation Education
Defending Christian symbols in the public square
Upholding Christian holidays

Marriage between one man and one woman
Right to Life

Electing and supporting Christian Values Candidates and Judges - at local, state and
national levels
Protecting the Constitution as it was written
Upholding the freedoms the Constitution created (the right to bear arms and less
government, less taxes)
The Defense of America

Mission Statement

We are emboldened Americans dedicating our time and our resources to protecting the Judeo Christian principles, personal freedoms, and system of government specified in the Declaration of Independence and guaranteed by the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our mission is to fight to maintain and uphold these ideals in all areas of life in America - our churches, schools, communities, judicial system, government, and media.