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Godfather Politics -- 10/24/2011 -- Giacomo
Is Ron Paul Right About Federal Student Loan Programs' Failure?

The skyrocketing costs of tuition have made it more and more difficult for students to work and pay their own way through college.  If their parents are not rich enough to pay for their schooling, they are left with no other choice than to take out a student loan.
And according to Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, this is part of the problem with the system.  He feels that the federal student loan programs have been partially responsible for the higher cost of a college education.

The cost of higher education has increased 439% since 1981, much higher than health care costs.
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God Father Politics -- 10/23/2011 -- Bojidar Marinov
You May Even Get Some Education at College, Among Other Things

Strangely enough, we never found a college where the information session would tell us about the education part of it. Every time we go to an information session we hear about dormitories, the college football team, about the great relationships between students and professors (hmmm, I don’t think that excites me very much), about mascots, colors, and the origins of a college yell (or battle cry, or whatever they call it). We learn about what politician graduated from that college, which only makes me wonder if these people know anything about our modern American politics, and if they knew, whether they would just as proud of associating politicians with their college.
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The American Dream – Solid Evidence That Occupy Wall Street Is A Communist Movement Run By Socialists Who Wish To Bring Down The Free Enterprise System

If you want to know what these protests are all about, just go down and visit one of them.  The following is what Charles Gasparino of the New York Post found when he recently took a trip down to Zuccotti Park....

It’s not an overstatement to describe Zuccotti Park as New York’s Marxist epicenter. Flags with the iconic face of the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara are everywhere; the only American flag I saw was hanging upside down. The “occupiers” openly refer to each other as “comrade,” and just about every piece of literature on offer (free or for sale) advocated socialism in the Marxist tradition as a cure-all for the inequalities of the American economic system.

It should be no surprise that Communist Party USA  has officially endorsed the Occupy Wall Street protests.
In fact, communist leaders have been speaking at many of the protests.  For example, a spokesperson for the national board of Communist Party USA spoke to Occupy Chicago the other day.  As you can see from the video posted below, his remarks were greeted with tremendous enthusiasm....
In this next video, an "organizer" of the Occupy Greensboro protests explains what this "movement" is really all about....
***"We’re the International Socialists Organization… Our goal is to raise political consciousness to build a revolutionary party and work for a revolution here in the United States."***
Yesterday, I reported on "The 99 Percent Declaration", which details the tentative demands of this protest movement.
The following are some of the things that they want....

*Much higher taxes on the wealthy
*The government to provide health care for all Americans
*The EPA to be given the power to shut down any corporation or organization that is damaging the environment
*Student loan debt relief
*Immediate passage of the Dream Act
*Mortgage debt relief and for all underwater and foreclosed mortgages to be bought and refinanced at interest rates of less than one percent
*An immediate one year freeze on all foreclosures
The American Dream
The People's Party?  Are We Witnessing The Birth of a New Far Left Political Party in the United States? 

the "official" website of Occupy Wall Street has now endorsed a "plan of action".  The plan calls for Occupy Wall Street to hold a National General Assembly which is to be attended by 870 elected delegates in Philadelphia on July 4, 2012.
This "national convention" would draft a "Petition of Grievances" to present to the newly elected government in November.
If the federal government does not address the demands of the Occupy Wall Street movement adequately, they would then "organize a third independent political party to run candidates in the 2014 mid-term

Check the website for the Petition of Grievances listed

It would be a mistake to underestimate this movement.  They have raised nearly $300,000 already, and they are getting millions of dollars worth of free publicity every day.  A recent survey conducted by Time Magazine discovered that 54 percent of all Americans have a favorable impression of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

That same poll found that 81 percent of the American people believe that this country is headed in the wrong direction.  Millions of Americans are searching for something, and right now Occupy Wall Street is giving them a banner to rally around.

Oddly, the American Nazi Party and Communist Party USA have both endorsed the Occupy Wall Street protests.  It appears that these protests have stuck a chord with a lot of diverse groups.

But the answer is not to go from one collectivist system ("corporatism") to another collectivist system.

Rather, the answer is to go back to a much more pure capitalist system.  This is what our founders intended.  In such a system, the power of the federal government and the power of large corporations would be greatly limited.

Sadly, the American people have become very comfortable with very large concentrations of money and power.  They don't understand that very large concentrations of money and power, whether they be found in government or in the corporate world, are great threats to our freedoms and our liberties.

Unless something dramatic happens, America is going to continue to fall apart and protest movements such as Occupy Wall Street are going to continue to grow.

As the overall economic pie shrinks, Americans are going to fight bitterly over the remaining scraps.  This is going to become a very angry nation, and we are going to see some very frightening economic riots in the future.

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End of the American Dream
The Big Wall Street Banks are Already Trying to Buy the 2012 Election

We are never going to restore legitimacy to our political system until we get the money out of politics.  Typically, in federal elections the candidate that raises the most money wins about 90 percent of the time.  In 2008, Barack Obama raised almost twice as much money as John McCain did.  3 of the top 7 donors to Obama's campaign were big Wall Street banks (Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup).  Now Wall Street is doing it again.  The big Wall Street banks are already trying to buy the 2012 election. 

So who do they want to win in 2012?  Based on contribution patterns so far, the overwhelming favorite of the Wall Street banks to win in 2012 is Mitt Romney.  The big Wall Street banks have given to Romney as pile of money that is more than 4 times larger than they have given to anyone else.  Even though most Republicans really don't want him, if history is any indication this means that Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican nominee for president in 2012.

We do have a bought Congress.  We also have a bought president.
If Mitt Romney wins the Republican nomination and the general election in 2012, we will have yet another bought president.

Until we get the money out of politics, we will continue to have a situation where it seems like nothing ever changes no matter who we send to Washington D.C.

The way that election laws are written right now, the big Wall Street banks and the ultra-wealthy are able to have a much greater say in who gets elected than the rest of us do.

It is fundamentally wrong and it has turned our political process into a giant farce.  Instead of being "elected", most of the time our politicians are "selected" for us by the establishment.

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End of the American Dream
10 Mind-Blowing Facts -- Congress and Federal Employees are Living the High Life at Our Expense

#1 When you total up all compensation (including health care and benefits), the average income for a federal worker in the Washington D.C. area last year was $126,369.
#2 In 2005, 7420 federal workers were making $150,000 or more per year.  In 2010, a whopping 82,034 federal workers were making $150,000 or more per year.  That is more than a tenfold increase in just five years.
#3 In 2005, the U.S. Department of Defense had just nine civilians earning $170,000 or more.  When Barack Obama took office, the U.S. Department of Defense had 214 civilians earning $170,000 or more.  In June 2010, the U.S. Department of Defense had 994 civilians earning $170,000 or more.
#4 Last year, federal employees "earned" approximately 447 billion dollars in total compensation.
#5 According to a study by the Heritage Foundation, federal workers earn 30 to 40 percent more money on average than their counterparts in the private sector.
#6 Today, one out of every 12 people living in Washington D.C. is a lawyer.  In New York City, only one out of every 123 residents is a lawyer.
#7 More than 50 percent of the members of the U.S. Congress are millionaires.
#8 The median wealth of a U.S. Senator in 2009 was 2.38 million dollars.
#9 Insider trading is perfectly legal for members of the U.S. Congress - and they refuse to pass a law that would change that.
#10 The percentage of millionaires in Congress is more than 50 times higher than the percentage of millionaires in the general population.
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END OF THE AMERICAN DREAM  -- The American Dream
Waking People Up And Getting Them To Realize That The American Dream Is Quickly Becoming The American Nightmare

Corporatism is not Capitalism:  7 Things about the Monlithic Predator Corporations that Dominate our Economy that Every AmericanShould Know
Read this entire article for the links . . .

Corporatism is actually not too different from socialism or communism.  They are all "collectivist" economic systems.  Under corporatism, wealth and power are even more highly concentrated than they are under socialism or communism, and the truth is that none of them are "egalitarian" economic systems.  Under all collectivist systems, a small elite almost always enjoys most of the benefits while most of the rest of the population suffers.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters realize that our economic system is fundamentally unjust in many ways, but the problem is that most of them want to trade one form of collectivism for another.

#1 Corporations not only completely dominate the U.S. economy, they also completely dominate the global economy as well.  A newly released University of Zurich study examined more than 43,000 major multinational corporations.  The study discovered a vast web of interlocking ownerships that is controlled by a "core" of 1,318 giant corporations.

#2 This dominance of the global economy by corporations has allowed global wealth to become concentrated to a very frightening degree.
According to Credit Suisse, those with a household net worth of a million dollars or more control 38.5% of all the wealth in the world. 

#3 Since wealth has become concentrated in very few hands, that means that there are a whole lot of poor people out there.
At a time when technology should be making it possible to lift standards of living all over the globe, poverty just continues to spread.  According to the same Credit Suisse study referenced above, the bottom two-thirds of the global population controls just 3.3% of all the wealth.

#4 Giant corporations have become so dominant that it has become very hard for small businesses to compete and survive in the United States.
Today, even though our population is increasing, the number of small businesses continues to decrease.

#5 Big corporations completely dominate the media.  Almost all of the news that you get and almost all of the entertainment that you enjoy is fed to you by giant corporations.

Back in 1983, somewhere around 50 corporations controlled the vast majority of all news media in the United States.

Today, control of the news media is concentrated in the hands of just six incredibly powerful media corporations.

#6 Big corporations completely dominate our financial system.  Yes, there are hundreds of choices in the financial world, but just a handful control the vast majority of the assets.
Back in 2002, the top 10 banks controlled 55 percent of all U.S. banking assets.  Today, the top 10 banks control 77 percent of all U.S. banking assets.

#7 Big corporations completely dominate our political system.  Because they have so much wealth and power, corporations can exert an overwhelming amount of influence over our elections.  Studies have shown that in federal elections the candidate that raises the most money wins about 90 percent of the time.  Politics in America is not about winning over hearts and minds.  It is about who can raise the most cash.

But who dominates our economy today?   The big banks.

what we have is a corporatist system where the big corporations have most of the wealth, most of the power and most of the advantages.

We need to get the American people to understand that corporatism is not capitalism.
Corporatism is a collectivist system that allows the elite to accumulate gigantic amounts of wealth and power.

The answer to such a system is not to go to a different collectivist system.
Rather, we need to return as much power as possible to individuals and small businesses.

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Marily Barnewall -- News With Views -- 10/23/2011

Did you know that the White House has notified all military funeral service departments to immediately remove the words “the President” and insert the words “Secretary of Defense” from the funeral services of veterans? The sentence has traditionally been: “On behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation, I wish to present you with this flag in appreciation for your husband’s (or son’s or daughter’s) service…” With these words, the American flag, so carefully folded for this moment, is given to the appropriate family member.

"When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you. . .you may know that your society is doomed."

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NewsWithViews -- 10/22/2011 -- Kathleen Marquardt

Sustainablists circle like Buzzards, eagerly awaiting the death knell of the Great American Experiment. They no longer worry about sneaking legislation, regulation or planning in through the back door. Certain that they are in control, they are now up-front, in fact blatantly smug about what they are doing.

Look at the words and terms in the first quarter of this one article and tell me this isn’t Sustainable Development: Stakeholder group, regional growth planning process, organize and facilitate, long-term region wide planning, public visioning, common ground solutions, localized planning effort.

To help us have tools to inform the public of this evil, we need to know as many of the names of planning groups associated with Sustainable Development as we can find. We know of some:

Piedmont Environmental
American Planning Association
Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness
Center for Neighborhood Technology
RERC Strategic Advisors
Wallace Roberts & Todd
Gresham Smith & Partners

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News with Views – Roger Anghis – 10/23/2011

History tells us that at no time in history have muslims assimilated into any society that they have immigrated into. Their purpose is to take that society over and install shariah law. Look at the largest muslim community in America, Dearborn, MI. In that muslim community it is illegal to pass out tracts to muslims. That is a violation of our religious freedoms and freedom of speech. Church bells are illegal in Dearborn. In Hartford, CN the muslim leaders met with the city council and informed them that there would be no passing out of tracts within four blocks of a mosque! They gave no regard to our constitutional rights.

This is what we are dealing with. They will say and do anything to get into our society and then demand that that society comply with their shariah law giving no regard to our national constitution.

I challenge pastors to get back to what God has called the church to be. Forget your political correctness because if you are political correct you are more than likely biblically wrong. Become again what God has called us to be.

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Politifact -- 10/18-2011

Hulsey said Walker’s "actions are directly responsible for killing at least 15,000 jobs." Two-thirds of his claim is based on estimates of the effect of reduced spending by government employees and government agencies as a result of budget actions taken by Walker. The estimates, however, don’t tie the spending reductions to actual job losses and take a very narrow -- some would say wrongheaded -- view of how the economy works.

But his claim that the state budget killed 1,000 jobs appears to be off altogether.

In sum, Hulsey isn’t close to demonstrating that actions taken by Walker are directly responsible for killing at least 15,000 jobs.

We rate his statement False.

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Red States Rising -- American Thinker - 10/23/2011

Forbes -- The Red State in your Future

One reason for that shift is that red states are taking fiscal responsibility while many blue states aren’t—and it shows.  The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a bipartisan association of conservative state legislators, recently released its fourth edition of “Rich States, Poor States,” by the well-known Reagan economist Arthur B. Laffer, the Wall Street Journal’s Steve Moore, and Jonathan Williams of ALEC.

The study looks at factors that affect state prosperity and economic outlook, such as tax burdens and population change.  What’s clear is that red or red-leaning states dominate the top positions while blue states have the dubious distinction of dragging in last.  In the economic outlook section, for example, the top 20 states are bright red or lean red, while eight out of the bottom 10 are very blue: New York, Vermont, California, Hawaii, New Jersey, Illinois, Oregon and Rhode Island.

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Freedom Fighters Forum -- Rich Carroll
Read the whole post at the link above.

Mr. Hope and Change wants to create a nation humbled; humiliated, casting-aside capitalism and individual freedoms for one where “we the people” are government controlled. This would be a system that genuflects mediocrity, steals personal aspiration and opportunity, and punishes those who strive to succeed.

A gallon of regular gasoline the day Obama was inaugurated was $1.79 on average in the U.S. Today that price is $3.59, a 100.6% increase. The number of food stamp recipients has risen since Obama took office from 31,983,716 to 43,200,878, a 35.1% jump. Long term unemployment soared 146.2% during the same 32 month period from 2,600,000 to 6,400,000. Staggering “hope and change” isn’t it?

American citizens living in poverty have risen 9.5% from 39,800,000 to 43,600,000, and the number of unemployed has jumped almost 25% from 11,616,000 to 14,485,000 as of August 31, 2011. The number of unemployed blacks has risen from 12.6% at the end of George Bush’s term to 15.8% today, a 25.4% increase, and finally, our national debt is up 34.4% from 10.627 trillion to 14,278 trillion *

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Democrats Shamefully Support Occupy Wall Street 

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Links to Rush Limbaugh's commentary.
Check out the reader comments and the links

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The Post & E-Mail – JB Williams, ©2011

Please read the entire post at the link above.

The Code of Conduct clearly indicates that the group’s call is for peaceful resistance on 11.11.11. The likelihood that Obama & Co. will resign on request is zero. The odds that members of congress will do the right thing and impeach are also slim. So, what is the real goal of the 11.11.11 event?

Co-Founder of Patriots Union Timothy Harrington explains – “We have to start somewhere. We are hoping to show D.C. insiders that the people have had enough. That the time for talking has passed and the time for serious action to save this nation has arrived.”

“Every member of every branch of government has taken an oath to uphold and protect the constitution and the people of the United States and it’s high time we see which of them is ready to live up to that oath.” – said Harrington.

The event calls upon all freedom loving citizens fed up with the corruption and tyranny in D.C. to take a stand with their veterans at the Washington Monument on November 11, 2011. Additional information is being released at the organization’s web sites as available.

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Gary Horne, The American Thinker

If there is a single feature distinguishing the left from the rest of civil society, it is the willingness to use force.   While claiming to be for the people, the statists consistently use force against others.  The use of force and disrespect for the property of others by the Wisconsin union mobs and the occupy-wall-street crowd are in sharp contrast with respectful and peaceful Tea Party demonstrations.  Indeed, civil society proponents like the Tea Party oppose the use of force -- for example, when they advocate for reducing the size and intrusiveness of government or for repealing Obamacare.

The goals of the left can be implemented only by using force.  The centerpiece of leftist politics, redistribution of wealth, requires taking by force from those who have.  Proponents of higher taxes for "the wealthy" never advocate voluntary contributions; instead, they go for the full power of the federal government, including the threat of jail.  Government control of health care (Obamacare) forces everyone to purchase insurance, forces the states to comply, forces employers to offer coverage, and dictates what kind of policies insurance companies can offer. 

The lessons of history are clear and numerous.  The use of force to create an idealistic society inevitably leads to tyranny and even mass murder.  Stalin alone is credited with the murder of between 20 and 40 million of his own countrymen "for the people."  Pol Pot, who said, "To destroy you is no loss," was responsible for more than 1.7 million deaths.  More than 45 million never leaped with Mao's "Great Leap Forward."  R.J. Rummel estimates the total murders by governments in the 20th century at 169 million.  Mr. Rummel says this about government's growth of power and willingness to use force:

As a government's power is more unrestrained, as its power reaches into all the corners of culture and society, and as it is less democratic, then the more likely it is to kill its own citizens. There is more than a correlation here. As totalitarian power increases, democide multiplies until it curves sharply upward when totalitarianism is near absolute. As a governing elite has the power to do whatever it wants, whether to satisfy its most personal desires, to pursue what it believes is right and true, it may do so whatever the cost in lives. In this case power is the necessary condition for mass murder. Once an elite have it, other causes and conditions can operate to bring about the immediate genocide, terrorism, massacres, or whatever killing an elite feels is warranted.

Not only does the left try to force us, but the left also expects us to shut up and accept the use of force against us.  To complain about the government's "boot on our throats" is to be called "uncivil."  To defend our culture or even our borders is to be called "racist."  To oppose 2,000-plus-page laws in the halls of Congress is to be called "partisan."  To stand for the Constitution is to be called "radical."

The Tea Party is a continuation of Hank Williams's American spirit -- not a tax revolt, but a declaration of independence from government against the people.

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Union Gangsters: Richard Trumka
Matthew Vadum,

Trumka, a mine worker-cum-lawyer, admits he got involved in “the labor movement not because I wanted to negotiate wages,” but “because I saw it as a vehicle to do massive social change to include lots of people.” As he’s climbed the ranks of AFL-CIO leadership, Trumka has moved away from his modest roots. His 2011 compensation package at AFL-CIO totaled $293,750, according to LM-2 disclosure forms on file with the U.S. Department of Labor. Trumka apparently lives in a four-bathroom house assessed at $747,650 in Rockville, MD, a suburb of Washington, D.C.

He helped to turn the AFL-CIO away from boosting wages and improving working conditions. Now, the labor federation focuses on recruiting government workers who benefit from higher tax rates and bigger government, a growing constituency within the Democratic Party. The federation also blackmails employers by generating adverse publicity, harassing investors, and linking arms with the media and radical activists.

Violence was commonplace when Trumka was president of the AFL-CIO-affiliated United Mine Workers of America from 1982 to 1995. In 1993, he told Illinois UMW members to “kick the shit out of every last” worker who violated the sanctity of his picket lines. Union goons damaged homes, fired gunshots at a mining company’s office, and killed the power supply for a mine, stranding 93 miners below ground.

After a UMW member shot and killed non-union worker Eddie York, eight UMW strikers threw rocks at security guards who came to check on the victim. Trumka not only refused to discipline the hoodlums, but used a metaphor to justify their behavior. “[I]f you strike a match and put your finger in, common sense tells you you’re going to burn your finger,” he said.
Trumka is establishing a so-called super PAC that will allow AFL-CIO to pump limitless quantities of cash into politics. The goal is obviously to make sure the Democratic Party and President Obama don’t move rightward during election season next year.

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An End to Budgetary Trickery - When is money it spends considered money saved? When Congress says so
Olympia J. Snoe and Jeff Sessions -

'The whole art of government," Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1774, "consists in the art of being honest." Yet Washington today relies on budget gimmicks to enable and conceal countless billions in federal deficit spending—skirting the rules and misleading the public.
That is why we have introduced the Honest Budget Act. It will strip away many of the most blatant and dishonest gimmicks—making it harder to spend money we don't have, and helping to confront the larger culture of fiscal corruption that is bankrupting the country and eroding public confidence in government.

The place to start is with the budget itself. For two years in a row, the Democratic-led Senate has failed to adopt a budget as required by law. Meanwhile, our gross national debt has climbed to almost $15 trillion—as large as our entire economy. Our bill puts in place a 60-vote threshold before any appropriation bill can be moved through Congress—unless both houses have adopted a binding budget resolution.

The bill also eliminates other budget tricks, including:

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John Longenecker --

I often receive letters for my position — the repeal of all gun laws. I answer every one of these. The idea is not to do without laws, but to erase all of the adversity gun control has caused and to start over. I am reasonably certain that America would write a few gun laws, but only a handful, having now lived with the disaster that is the political punishment of freedom. And punishing freedom is what gun control is about. Limiting one’s latitude to act in time of emergency aggravates adverse social conditions. This then cultivates an attitude of need or political remedy. The safeguard of freedom is undermined in mandates, such as gun control, and the crisis grows.

But not all public servants agree with this sort of governance. When it comes to the armed citizen, forty-eight states affirm their constituents’ right to carry a loaded sidearm, they don’t fight it or feel any mandate against it. Do these people like guns? No, not likely. What these people do like is propriety and integrity. In affirming the concept of the armed citizen throughout their state, these legislators do not believe in the gun, they believe in the citizen.

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Socialism, Communism and Cultural Marxism: Spiritual Diseases of Our Time
Right Side News – 10/22/2011 – Linda Kimball

So just what are Fascist Socialism, Marxist Communism and its contemporary version, Cultural Marxism?

At the deepest, most important level of all, these ideologies are really about the human condition after the Fall and the causes of evil and suffering as defined by fallen mankind.

Karl Marx dreamt of ruining the world created by God the Father and proclaiming himself 'god.' In his poem "Human Pride," he writes that after ruining the world:
"I will wander godlike and victorious /Through the ruins of the world/ And, giving my words an active force/ I will feel equal to the Creator." ((Marx and Satan, Richard Wurmbrand, pp. 30-31)

Marx's comrade in arms, Mikhail Bakunin, aligned himself with the Devil and declared:
"The Evil One is the satanic revolt against divine authority....Socialists recognize each other by the words, "In the name of the one to whom a great wrong has been done....Satan (is) the eternal rebel, the first freethinker and the emancipator of worlds." (Mikhail Bakunin, ibid, p. 27)
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Townhall -- Dan Doherty -- 10/21/2011

Apparently U.S. students are unfamiliar with the famous paraphrased aphorism, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” That’s because a new report shows that students anywhere from high school to fourth grade are solely lacking in their knowledge of American history. 

 Results from the 2010 gold standard of testing, the National Assessment of Educational Progress, only 13 percent of the nation’s high school seniors showed proficiency in their knowledge of American history, and only 18 percent of eighth grades and 22 percent of fourth graders scoring as well.

Furthermore, by reducing the importance of U.S. history in public schools, we deprive American children of an opportunity to learn about their heritage. And in so doing, we fail these students by neglecting to adequately educate them. The study of history -- and particularly American history – cultivates an understanding and appreciation for the ideals the nation was founded upon. Thomas Jefferson, for example, believed deeply than an educated citizenry was essential to the preservation of the American experiment. After all, how can one expect posterity to preserve American democratic principles if they cannot define what they are?

The purpose of the U.S. education system -- and the reason it was established -- is primarily to provide students with the requisite knowledge and skills to live more successful lives. Yet, when we perpetually fail to teach American history in schools, we inevitably weaken the nation because our children grow up without any real sense of a national identity.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


More on education - One-Party Classroom: How Radical Professors at America's Top Colleges Indoctrinate Students and Undermine Our Democracy by David Horowitz & Jacob Laksin -  “David Horowitz has single-handedly exposed the intellectual corruption that exists within the classrooms of American colleges. Like all forms of corruption, indoctrination flourishes when kept in the dark. Here, Horowitz turns on the bright lights to expose what has become profoundly wrong with our colleges and universities. We are all in his debt.”
Horowitz and Laksin have conducted the first comprehensive, in-depth, multiyear investigation of what is being taught in colleges and universities across the country–public to private, from large state schools to elite Ivy League institutions. They have systematically scrutinized course catalogs, reading lists, professors’ biographies, scholarly records, and the first-person testimonies of students, administrators, and faculty. Citing more than 150 specific courses, they reveal how academic standards have been violated and demonstrate beyond dispute that systematic indoctrination in radical politics is now an integral part of the liberal arts curriculum of America’s colleges.

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Do they share the same goals?

Vision to America -- 10/17/2011

Listen to the ten-minute YouTube video as a former KGB agent enlightens Americans.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


American Vision – 10/17/2011 – Gary Demar

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir hooked up with “pro-abortion Rep. Diana DeGette to bash pro-life conservatives as
‘misogynists [women haters]’, during a seven-and-a-half minute long segment. Bashir claimed that it’s ‘hardly surprising’ that the proposed Protect Life Act, which would protect the conscience rights of health care workers, ‘has earned the moniker the “let women die act.”’
” Here are some of Bashir’s insane comments: “What are they focusing on in the Congress today? . . . yet another bill that takes dead aim at a woman’s right to choose.” The right to choose what? Bashir never says. He can’t. Abortion kills a pre-born baby every time, 4000 pre-born child deaths a day in the United States, 1.5 million pre-born child deaths a year. Who’s really dying here?

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Forged creation matches Obama's birth certificate
Computer generated file duplicates document released by White House

World Net Daily – 10/17/2011 – Jerome R. Corsi

For comparison purposes, Exhibit 1 shows the long-form birth certificate released by the White House, while Exhibit 2 shows the recently completed Polland forgery.

The easiest way to distinguish the Polland forgery from the White House-released document is to observe that the date of the registrar's stamp in Polland's forgery is March 15, 2011, while the date of the stamp in the White House document is April 25, 2011.

In a 58-page document titled "How I made Obama's long-form birth certificate," available in its entirety here, Polland details the step-by-step methods he used to make the long-form birth certificate.

Readers are warned that Polland's explanations in the 58-page document can be technically dense, even to those with expertise in Adobe software.

Four videos are on the website for viewing.

Perhaps the best way to understand how Polland created the forged Obama birth certificate is to watch four videos he put together to illustrate his methods.

"The bottom line is that the forger had a detailed plan in mind for his creation and carried it out with a great deal of precision – especially when it came to adding the little pieces of text and form elements to the security paper background on top of a template of white haloes," Polland said.

He concluded: "There is no recipe for making a forgery like this, except for the ones I've authored in recreating the short-form birth certificate. It takes a combination of artistic ability and technical expertise to create this forgery, but the human factors behind its development are no less important. Basically, you have to adopt a sense of 'anything goes' and throw logic and reason out the window if you wish to take on the role of the forger."

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Friday, October 14, 2011


Government aims to build a "data eye in the sky" collecting data about YOU!
New York Times -- 10/10/2011

The government is showing interest in the idea. This summer a little-known intelligence agency began seeking ideas from academic social scientists and corporations for ways to automatically scan the Internet in 21 Latin American countries for “big data,” according to a research proposal being circulated by the agency. The three-year experiment, to begin in April, is being financed by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, or Iarpa (pronounced eye-AR-puh), part of the office of the director of national intelligence.
The automated data collection system is to focus on patterns of communication, consumption and movement of populations. It will use publicly accessible data, including Web search queries, blog entries, Internet traffic flow, financial market indicators, traffic webcams and changes in Wikipedia entries.

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Godfather Politics -- 10/14/2011

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Robert Spencer, Human Events -
George Orwell knew that if you can control a people's past, you can control its present; that's why in 1984 he has a whole government department -- the Ministry of Truth -- devoted to rewriting history.

This reads as a lesson plan to teach 4th-5th grade students the story of Christopher Columbus

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Monday, October 10, 2011


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two government-run mortgage enterprises, weirdly were never included in President Obama's supposed financial reform.

Now, looking at a federal debt growing by nearly $1.5 trillion a year, many of the same foreign investors who fueled our housing boom are wondering if they'll ever get their money back.
Even as the White House continues to try to expand the role the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) have in home lending, central banks and sovereign wealth funds across Asia and the Middle East are beginning to sell off their Fannie and Freddie holdings, according to a report from the Financial Times.

The American taxpayer, that means you, will be left holding the bag for the inevitable bankruptcy of Fannie and Freddie.

The financial threat is substantial. The Congressional Budget Office forecasts our national debt will surge from about $14.8 trillion now to $23 trillion by 2021.

That may be an understatement. Fannie and Freddie, now wards of the state, have an estimated $7.5 trillion in debts. These are carefully kept off the government's books — though, as we've seen, because of "too big to fail," U.S. taxpayers are on the hook for their mistakes.

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Heritage Foundation -- the 2011 Index of Economic Freedom
183 Countries, 10 Specific Freedoms (trade, business, investment, property rights)

Economic Freedom Scores -- 7-page PDF

Executive Highlights -- 10-page PDF (US is #9 on page 6)

The Limits of Government -- 7-Page PDF

Excel Spreadsheet with all the data (Cool!)

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Wall Street Journal -- 10/10/2011 -- Julia Angwin

Google and Sonic pressed for the right to inform Mr. Appelbaum of the secret court orders, according to people familiar with the investigation. Google declined to comment. Mr. Appelbaum, 28 years old, hasn't been charged with wrongdoing.

The court clashes in the WikiLeaks case provide a rare public window into the growing debate over a federal law that lets the government secretly obtain information from people's email and cellphones without a search warrant.

Several court decisions have questioned whether the law, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, violates the U.S. Constitution's Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures.

. . . it can be easier for law-enforcement officers to see a person's email information than it is to see their postal mail.

Another significant difference: A person whose email is inspected this way often never knows a search was conducted. That's because court orders under the 1986 law are almost always sealed, and the Internet provider is generally prohibited from notifying the customer whose data is searched. By contrast, search warrants are generally delivered to people whose property is being searched.

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Fox News Channel – 9/24/2008 – “Special Report with Brit Hume”

If Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had been properly regulated years ago, the repercussions in financial markets could have been avoided.

Democratic Representative Barney Frank weighs in and block reform legislation.

ALAN GREENSPAN – FEDERAL RESERVE CHAIRMAN – House Financial Services Committee Hearing – 2/17/2005
“. . .  Enabling these institutions to increase in size – and they will once the crisis in their judgment passes – we are placing the total financial system of the future at a substantial risk.”

DEMOCRATIC SENATOR CHARLES SCHUMER (NY), Senate Banking Committee Hearing, 4/6/2005
“… I think Fannie and Freddie over the years have done an incredibly good job and are an intrinsic part of making America the best-housed people in the world … if you look over the last 20 or whatever years, they’ve done a very, very good job.”

“For years I have been concerned about the regulatory structure that governs Fannie May and Freddie Mac . . .  and the sheer magnitude of these companies and the role they play in the housing market . . .  the GSE’s (Government Sponsored Entities) need to be reformed without delay.”

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Friday, October 7, 2011


When Winning is Really Losing

Recently, a commenter on the website had this to say:
The 10th Amendment was the exclamation point on the Constitution — reinforcing the fact that “We the People” of the several States created the Federal government. Not the other way around. And, we created that government to be our agent for certain, enumerated purposes… and nothing more.

James Madison — you might have heard his name associated with the moniker “Father of the Constitution” — put it this way:

“The powers delegated by the Constitution to the federal government, are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.”
Well, depending on how you count it, there are approximately 30 powers that have been delegated to the Federal government in the Constitution, most of which reside in Article I, Section 8.   Thirty powers. That’s all.

This is the real problem. That's why we need constitutional leaders. Please pass this around.

What should a President do to stand up for the Constitution? If we want to err on the side of the Constitution, let’s keep it simple.

A Constitutional President should pretty much veto everything!


Like my parents used to tell my brother and me when we fought as children — “you’re both wrong” — it’s time for people who love liberty to do the same to Democrats and Republicans alike.   

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