Monday, September 30, 2013


God Almighty, we plead with You to guide, guard and correct all current legislators and staff members.  

We ask You to draw each of them individually to integrity before all citizens in this country. Give them the will to honestly regard their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States above their own party’s ideologies.

We ask You to expose those who lie and indulge in favoritism, corruption, greed and bribes.
“Stand against the devil, and the devil will run from you.” James 4:7
Lord, please give our legislators the wisdom and the courage to confidently and winsomely take a stand for Your truth with all citizens.
We ask that You turn their hearts towards You, Lord.
We ask that You grant them the understanding and knowledge that come from the fear of You.
We ask that You grant them wisdom and discernment, Lord,
Make them bold to do what is right in Your sight.
Lord, we ask that You direct their hearts to do Your will.   ~ In Jesus' name, Amen ~

"The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord; He directs it like a watercourse wherever He pleases."
Proverbs 21:1

Lord God, we pray that Your wisdom guide these leaders to make responsible decisions for our nation.

President Barack Obama
Vice President Joe Biden
U.S. Senator Harry Reid (D)
U.S. Representative Paul Ryan (R)
U.S. Representative Mark Pocan (D)
U.S. Representative Ron Kind (D)
U.S. Representative Gwen Moore (D)
U.S. Representative James Sensenbrenner (R)
U.S. Representative Thomas Petri (R)
U.S. Representative Sean Duffy (R)
U.S. Representative Reid Ribble (R)
U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R)
U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin (D)

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Sunday, September 29, 2013


You are invited to attend the first public hearing on Common Core to be held this week:

Thursday, October 3, 2013 - State Capitol - 10-5 p.m.

Consider doing the following while at the Capitol:
1) Visit Governor Walker's office on the 1st Floor-East Wing

2)  Visit Senator Scott Fitzgerald's Office - Room 211 South
a)  Thank him for moving forward with the hearings

3)  Visit Representative Robin Vos - Room 217 West
a)  Thank him for moving forward with the Common Core hearings.

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Sneaking Student Eye Scans
Eagle Forum – September 2013

Parents in Polk County, Florida schools are outraged because students’ eyes were scanned to track bus riding without parental permission or knowledge. The Polk County Schools interim superintendent didn’t learn about the program until eye scanning was underway. Biometric information gained from iris scanning is as individual as fingerprints.

A contract approving iris scanning was supposed to be signed by the superintendent before scanning began. Parents would then be notified about the scanning and told to contact the school principal if they did not want their children to participate.

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions technicians showed up prematurely at schools and 750 students’ eyes were scanned, without a signed contract or any parental approval. The company and school district officials told furious parents that the scans would be destroyed. “Some parents, however, aren’t appeased. They cite an Internet age maxim: Nothing can be deleted completely.” (, 6-14-13)

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 Ten states where ObamaCare wipes out existing health care plans
Daily Caller – Sarah Hurtubise – 9/28/2013

9) Wisconsin: Two of the three largest insurers in the state won’t offer plans on the exchange. United Healthcare and Humana patients will have to get a new health insurer to buy insurance on Obamacare exchanges.

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A series of unfortunate bad decisions . . . all by Democrats
Patriot Update – Sean Aland

This week Obama stated that conservative lawmakers and Tea Party Patriots opposed to Obamacare believe it is worse than the laws that allowed slave owners to get a fugitive slave back.  Interesting how he is so quick to play the race card.  History tells us that Democrats supported and championed the fugitive slave act while Republican and Free Soil congressmen regularly fought and tried to repeal it.  This episode highlights another example of unfortunate bad decisions by Democrats being forced upon the American people.

The long list of unfortunate bad decisions by Democrats regularly penalizes the law abiding citizen and benefits those with no respect for others or the law. 

Democrats were all party to the following in America’s history:

Democratic Party responsible for the 1857 Dred Scott Decision, a Supreme Court decision that stated slaves and their descendents were private property, they were not fully human and had no rights at all–therefore were not protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Democrats also owned segregation, Jim Crow laws, and the KKK. 

forced gay marriage on the American people against their opposition and with no vote.  The Obama administration decided to refuse to enforce any laws that upheld a ban on perversion against natural law and force it on the American people.

Abortion on demand championed by Democrats brought us the Roe vs. Wade decision.  They continue to champion abortion against the will of the voter today.

illegal immigration by amnesty. 

The Democrats speak out against domestic spying, but have proven when Republicans are no longer in charge they can abuse the system and pass laws to spy on all of us beyond what the Republicans were ever accused of doing. 

The Democrats think it is a good idea to coddle terrorists by not prosecuting those who attacked our consulate in Benghazi, giving arms to Libyan and Syrian rebels with links to Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaida and endorsing the Arab Spring. 

The Democrats are all about taking away your Second Amendment rights through gun control legislation even though they say they are not. 

So back to healthcare.  Ours is the best healthcare system in the world but needs some tuning up to improve it.  Unfortunately, those doing the tuning up are Democrat politicians with an agenda who know nothing about healthcare.  According to many doctors, tort reform, portable policies, and standardized insurance codes are three simple changes that could have been legislated in 25 pages or less and would lower costs and improve healthcare in the US.  Instead we got more than 2,700 pages of legislation with more than 10,000 pages of new regulations.  To date no one is sure what is in Obamacare, yet waivers and exemptions are flying off the shelf. 

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Why the arms trade treaty matters
Grassroots Journal – Jay Batman – 9/27/2013

This article explains the danger that John Kerry’s signature on an arms trade treaty causes for ordinary Americans because of prior Supreme Court decisions.

If the Court in Reid found no issue with the Tenth Amendment in Holland, then there is ample reason to believe that today’s Court will find little issue with the Second Amendment if the Arms Trade Treaty is challenged.   That leaves us one avenue to defeat the Arms Trade Treaty: a ratification vote that we can win today.

Call to Action:

You can help us get that ratification vote by signing our letter to your Senators and President Obama at our Action Center.  Sign at this link, and demand a vote on ratifying the Arms Trade Treaty so that we can defeat it today.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013


September 25, 2013
Contact:  Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt
Phone:  608-266-3156
Rep. Thiesfeldt named Chairman of
The Assembly Select Committee on Common Core Standards

Madison, WI –Today, Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R-Fond du Lac) has been named chairman of a select committee to review Common Core Standards (CCS) in Wisconsin.  The primary directive is to fulfill the objectives of the 2013-15 Wisconsin State Budget proposals, engage the public, and educate all parties on the various components of CCS. 

Thiesfeldt stated, “I’m honored Speaker Vos has chosen me to lead this committee and important discussion.  CCS are potentially going to be the standards of education used for future generations of Wisconsin students, and I am pleased the Legislature and the public have been afforded an appropriate opportunity to chime in on it.”

In his selection as chairman Speaker Vos looked at Rep. Thiesfeldt’s educational background that includes over 20 years of both teaching and coaching in elementary and high schools.  He is also a current member of both the Assembly Education and Urban Education Committees.  Last session Rep. Thiesfeldt also successfully passed legislation that would increase restrictions of felons working in schools and worked to change the human growth and development curriculum back to local control. 

Rep. Thiesfeldt stated, “Legislators are often frustrated when constituents are not engaged on important issues.  Here we have an important issue where constituents resoundingly want to share their thoughts.  I look forward to listening to the public in my role as Chairman.” 

The members of the bipartisan committee include:  Rep. Dean Knudson (R-Hudson), Rep. Don Pridemore (R-Hartford), Rep. Jeff Stone (R-Greendale), Rep. Jim Steineke (R- Kaukauna), Rep. Michael Schraa (R-Oshkosh), Rep. Sondy Pope (D-Cross Plains), Rep. Christine Sinicki (D-Milwaukee) and Rep. Dianne Hesselbein (D-Middleton).

The goal statements for the committee are: 

1.     Fulfill the objectives of the 2013-15 Wisconsin State Budget proposals and directives regarding Common Core Standards (CCS).  Including but not limited to:

a)     Comparing and contrasting existing Wisconsin standards with CCS
b)     Considering best practices by sampling college and career readiness standards
c)     Providing a comparative evaluation of the costs to the state

2.     Engage the public and educate all parties on the components of CCS and the potential results of its implementation in Wisconsin.  Focusing on but not limited to: 

a)   School boards maintaining independence and fostering innovation within their districts 
b)   Wisconsin’s public educational system objectives being fulfilled by CCS

3.     Provide recommendations on the future of the implementation of CCS in Wisconsin schools

The first meeting will be scheduled as soon as possible.


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Race to the bottom in the ObamaCare exchanges

Townhall – John C. Goodman – 9/28/2013

Attracting the healthy, avoiding the sick. In most states today insurers are allowed to charge individuals premiums that reflect their expected health care costs. This practice is no different than it is in life insurance, casualty insurance or most any other kind of insurance. In a free market, you expect to pay premiums that are actuarially fair.

The Affordable Care Act will end this practice. Instead, insurers will be required to practice a form of community rating, under which the healthy and the sick will all be charged the same rate.

If the healthy are overcharged so that the sick can be undercharged, then insurance companies can expect to make profits on the healthy and losses on the sick. This means that it is in the self-interest of every insurer to attract the healthy and avoid the sick.

As a result, we are getting a race to the bottom on access ? with private plans in the exchanges looking increasingly like Medicaid, just as they do in Massachusetts.

The Obama administration doesn't seem to be bothered by this development. In fact they have been touting the fact that the premiums have been lower than expected, even though the reason is that the networks are narrower and skimpier than expected.

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Frau Feinstein, about that Freedom of Speech thing . . .
Freedom Outpost – Darwin Rockantansky

The issue that Frau Feinstein is attempting to address is the the so called “Shield Law”; a basic tenant of the free press which supports the position that a “reporter” cannot be forced to reveal their sources. The conundrum facing Frau Feinstein is just who does she get to classify as a “reporter” or a member of the “press.”

And therein lies the rub. When “The Shield Law” was tested in the Supreme Court in 1972, the decision was 5/4 and was not a clear and absolute decision. Various states have enacted their own “Shield Laws,” which thankfully only muddies the water for Frau Feinstein. When most of these laws were passed, “The Press” was strictly limited to the printed word on paper. The advent of the internet set new paradigms to the meaning of the word “press."

We The People are at war with our government; a war of ideals. Those who are in a position to share information with us today will do so in the future so long as they are secure in the knowledge that they will never be exposed. Limiting the application of the Shield Law to only those “certified” by the government does nothing more than to strengthen the government’s strangle hold on the free flow of information.
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What Liberal policies have really done for Black Americans.
Patriot Update – David L. Goetsch – 9/27/2013

I cannot think of a more powerful renunciation of the liberal policies that have led to the government entitlements that have held black Americans back for decades.  Dr. King spoke, marched, wrote, and eventually died trying to win equality—not special treatment—for black Americans. 

Frederick Douglas wanted only to see black Americans afforded the same rights as all other Americans.  He did not demand Affirmative Action programs or government entitlements.  He simply wanted blacks to have the same rights as other Americans to pursue a better life by applying themselves to the task without artificial racial barriers put in their way.

There is no question that the foundational elements of Civil Rights legislation—equality in voting, housing, education, and access—were necessary steps in the right direction.  The original Civil Rights Act was neither liberal nor conservative.  Rather, it was simply Americans of good will finally setting things right that should have been set right long before.

Civil Rights legislation represented the steps necessary to do what Frederick Douglas demanded for black Americans: give them a level playing field and then get out of their way.  But the ink was hardly dry on Civil Rights legislation before liberals started using the power of government to do precisely what Douglas so clearly warned against.

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The Tenesseean - A Gannet Company

Why do some schools teach Islam in American schools?

This is a brutal Eye Opener. She is not reading from a teleprompter either.
Please watch and listen. Very frightening, infuriating, and informative.

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Friday, September 27, 2013



For those who don’t believe in election fraud
American Thinker – Jack Cashill – 9/24/2013

"Yes, the Rizzo-Royster race turned on vote fraud," admitted the Kansas City Star's Barbara Shelly in a crow-eating column nearly three years after it would do any good. For years the Star has routinely mocked anyone who dared suggest vote fraud was a problem.

Among those mocked was Will Royster, a retired Navy fighter pilot who seemingly lost in a northeast Kansas City Democratic primary for state representative in 2010 by the final count of one single vote. The seeming victor, endorsed by the Star, was neophyte J.J. Rizzo, the son of Democratic machine honcho, Henry Rizzo.

What follows is a letter from a young Democrat named Nick Moreno who observed the process up close. The letter details the various tools Democrats use to steal elections and kill would-be Democratic reformers in the womb. It is edited only for length and clarity.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Walker says Wisconsin can do better than Common Core
Wisconsin Reporter - Ryan Ekvall - 9/24/2013

MADISON – We can do it better than you.
That was the message from Gov. Scott Walker Tuesday, as he called for Wisconsinlawmakers to hold public hearings on Common Core State Standards.
Walker thinks the state can replace those national standards with its own set of stronger standards.
“I’d like the Legislature to hold those hearings,” Walker said in a response toWisconsin Reporter’s question on Common Core. “And in the larger context I’d like us to be in the position where we can identify our own unique standards that I think in many ways will be higher and more aggressive than the ones they’re talking about.”
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The Vilas County Board meets tonight, 9/24/2013 at 6:30 p.m. in Eagle River.

Per the website, the meeting for September is in the evening. - page 5

You can discuss the upcoming budget for Vilas County at this meeting

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The Ugly, Unknown story behind Roe v. Wade
Townhall – Scottie Hughes – 9/24/2013

And, now thanks to a revealing book out this week called Abuse of Discretion: The Inside Story of Roe v. Wade by veteran attorney Clarke D. Forsythe, we know that Roe was not just one of the most controversial decisions in the Supreme Court’s history, but also a poorly reasoned rush to judgment based on a wealth of misinformation that has since been debunked.

The first to look inside the Supreme Court Justices’ papers, Forsythe shows the liberal supporters of the decision made at least three shockingly erroneous assumptions.

First, the Supreme Court justices thought the decision was good for women’s health.

The incidence of sexually transmitted diseases and illegitimate pregnancies is likely higher than it would be if abortion were not available on demand.

There’s also a risk of domestic violence against pregnant women who refuse to abort their babies.  And breast cancer.

Second, abortion advocates at the time of Roe were caught up in the wake of two decades of fear about a growing world population.
The population has grown, but famines and starvation did not. Instead, life expectancy and average incomes rose due to trade, technology, and free enterprise – not population control.

Third, the Justices in Roe “thought they were riding a wave of cultural sentiment in favor of abortion,” says Forsythe. They never anticipated the backlash – the push for constitutional amendments, the thousands of people who march on the Supreme Court every anniversary of Roe, or the way the decision dominates the nomination process for Supreme Court Justices.

It is a shame that Roe was decided by old men who had likely never seen an ultrasound photograph, and it’s unfortunate that they were subject to misinformation about women’s health, population control, and popular sentiment.

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Monday, September 23, 2013


Defunding Obamacare:  Ted Cruz’s pathway to victory
Breitbart –  Matthew Boyle – 9/21/2013

A major avenue is still open through which Reid can get the amendment onto the bill with a simple majority. If McConnell decides Obamacare is worth fighting in earnest on must-pass legislation (ie non-symbolic votes), then he will deliver the 41 necessary votes to filibuster until Reid is forced to agree to a clean up-or-down Senate floor vote on the Obamacare defunding CR the House just passed. There is something McConnell can do using his power that could accomplish this: 

Filibuster the House CR until there is a unanimous consent agreement that any amendments added to it after cloture is invoked would also each require a 60-vote threshold. The power rests now with McConnell. Delivering the 41 votes is essential to help Ted Cruz.

Cruz added in that interview that if Republicans “begin by surrendering” they automatically “lose 100% of the battle.”

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‘Is this America?’:  Parent ‘manhandled’, arrested while speaking out against Common Core at public forum
The Blaze – 9/20/2013

3-minute video

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US and Europe tried to cover up data showing lack of global warming
Daily Caller – Michael Bastasch – 9/23/2013

It looks like the science isn’t settled. Leaked documents obtained by the Associated Press show that the U.S. government and several European governments tried to get climate scientists to downplay the lack of global warming over the past 15 years.

The highly anticipated United Nations report on global warming is expected to affirm the link between human activity and global warming, but scientists are still having trouble explaining away the lull in rising global temperatures over the past 15 years despite rapidly rising greenhouse gas levels.

The lull in global warming has been noted by skeptics to show the flaws behind the science and the theory that human activities, primarily through burning fossil fuels, causes global temperatures to rise.

READER COMMENT:  Anyone in politics who thinks they can change our climate with a tax, should be laughed out of office for being a FOOL!
More taxes = less jobs, not less CO2.

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Could the GOP actually be about to beat Obama?
Townhall – Kurt Schlichter – 9/23/2013

To pull this off, the GOP needs a little cunning – of which the establishment, at least, is in notoriously short supply. GOP leaders must get in front of every mic they can find with a unified, coherent message of reasonableness. Let’s keep it simple: “We implore the President to work with us, to compromise and help solve America’s problems together rather than refusing to speak with the people representing half our great nation.” Now, repeat that over and over and say nothing else.

Well, maybe a little something else: “Mr. President, is your pride so important that you will force this unready, untested Obamacare program onto the American people rather than talk about working together to compromise on how we can keep America’s health system the best in the world for America’s families?” Now cue those tears, Speaker Boehner – tears for the children the President will deprive of a future because he can’t admit he’s wrong.

Let’s let Obama be the one making seniors eat Alpo, not paying our soldiers, and depriving the art world of cowboy poetry slams. Yeah, eventually we’ll need to pass a bill that will keep Obamacare alive a little while longer. But we should do it reluctantly, sadly, loudly telling the American people how we tried to protect them but, darn it, Obama was going to make seniors eat Alpo, not pay our soldiers, and render America cowboy poetry slamless unless we relented – which we did, for the children.

Let Obama beam with pride between the Geritol ads on ABC, NBC and CBS as he takes full credit for refusing to let the GOP stop the Obamacare nightmare from taking effect. Let the Democrats running next year get on the record backing up their party’s leader. The footage will make great campaign ads in 2014.

Sure, this plan is kind of crazy but it just might work– if we understand the difference between our short-term and long term objectives. And if they pull it off, Ted Cruz and Company will have succeeded in manipulating Obama even more thoroughly than Vladimir Putin did, which is saying something.

This article on line has generated over a hundred comments in a short time.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013


The ObamaCare scams are already starting
Heritage – Amy Payne and Chris Jacobs – 9/20/2013


Employer ‘navigators” – no background check – inadequate training

Shoddy planning – bad incentives


Nothing about the law is working properly

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Palin -- Bombs away on ObamaCare; Cruz is over the target
Breitbart - Sarah Palin -9/21/2013

Sarah Palin gives her commentary on Ted Cruz, ObamaCare and the Democrats.  If anyone won't vote to defund ObamaCare, then ask them why they support it, like Rep. Pete King and Sen. Bob Corker.

If the Senate doesn’t get behind Ted Cruz’s efforts to defund Obamacare, it won’t be because of any failure on Ted’s part. It’ll be because there weren’t enough principled leaders to stand with him, and that would be a tragic loss, not for Ted, but for America.

More and more Americans are waking up to the nightmare of Obamacare as its rollout continues. Hardworking families are losing their employer-provided health care coverage. Businesses are cutting back their employees’ hours to skirt Obamacare’s mandates. Americans barely scrapping by are discovering that Obamacare has made health care completely unaffordable. Those who aren’t part of a protected special interest group have been left in the cold. 

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You won’t believe what the National Parks Services are praising Islam for
Freedom Outpost – Janna Brock – 9/21/2013

The National Parks Services produces two videos of Muslim school children saying we’re not terrorists.  But the National Parks Services doesn’t have any Muslim adults on camera making those statements.

The National Parks service is working overtime to "convince" gullible people that Islam is a leader in women's rights. It's deplorable. Gang rapes, honor killings, and atrocious stories of abuse are found coming from all parts of the world. And they have one thing in common: Islam.

Is the National Parks Service getting money for this via the federal government? Surely. Just like Planned Parenthood receives taxpayer money, so is the National Park Service. We just don't see it all first hand, but it's happening.

The National Parks Service has also made inroads promoting "marriage rights" for The LGBT population. So their uproarious support of Islam's women's rights is hardly surprising. Lies are lies and when told enough, people start believing them.

The National Park Services might make another movie:  Christian children and adults:  We're not terrorists.

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No ‘incredibly small’ wars against energy by Obama
Townhall Finance – Marita Noon – 9/22/2013

Please click to read the entire article

EPA;   Wrong predictions that cost the taxpayers billions of tax dollars, closed plants and lost jobs

IPCC:  Predictions of climate warming are way off base – Park Foundation made contributions looking to advance their particular cause.

COAL:  Plants closed, jobs eliminated – “Too many people have too much invested in perpetuating this fiction.”

Think:  Someone with an agenda makes contributions to “researchers” with a proposed conclusion.  The “researchers” manipulate data to reach the desired conclusion.  Public policy is manipulated by campaign contributions to elected officials who make nominations to federal agencies to implement the desired “public policy” which is based on bias and not fact. 

The unusual collaboration of the University of Texas (UT) and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) conducted a first-ever detailed examination—more than 500 wells were analyzed—of individual drilling sites to determine the total amount of escaped methane from shale gas operations. The study was released on September 16 by the National Academy of Sciences. The New York Times story on the study opens with: “Drilling for shale gas through hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, appears to cause smaller leaks of the greenhouse gas methane than the federal government had estimated.” It reports: “Previous E.P.A. estimates relied on engineering calculations, and other studies gathered data via aircraft flights over drilling sites.”

Why does this matter? Because environmental groups have used previous methane-leak estimates to claim that leaks offset the environmental benefits of the clean-burning natural gas the wells produce. Such claims are used to bolster fracking opposition. A September 17 press release from the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works states: “methane leakage from shale gas development is not releasing nearly as much methane as U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had predicted. EPA’s grossly exaggerated estimates have been widely used by critics and far-left environmentalists to discredit the benefits of hydraulic fracturing.”

Reporter Mark Green posted an overview of a September 12 briefing he attended, regarding a peer-reviewed study done on hydraulic fracturing’s impacts. The study, Green says, is “hailed by the author as the first comprehensive look at the environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing.” The study was conducted at the 1000-acre Inglewood oil field in the heart of Los Angeles and concludes: “energy development using fracking and horizontal drilling technologies is safe, doesn’t threaten water supplies or cause earthquakes.” The study specifically examined groundwater, seismic activity, well integrity, and air emissions.

Climate Change News

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is scheduled to release its fifth Assessment Report (AR5) on September 27. But leaked copies indicate that it will “dial back on the alarm.” On September 16, the Financial Post published a graph from AR5 (figure 1.4, chapter 1). “The IPCC graph shows that climate models predicted temperatures should have responded by rising somewhere between about 0.2 and 0.9 degrees C over the same period. But the actual temperature change was only about 0.1 degrees, and was within the margin of error around zero. In other words, models significantly over-predicted the warming effect of CO2 emissions for the past 22 years.”

Adding to the “feeling in the air,” on September 17, the Heartland Institute, in cooperation with the Science & Environmental Policy Project, and the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, released the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) 2013 Report: Climate Change Reconsidered II—which focuses on facts rather than fear and cites dozens of peer-reviewed papers. The NIPCC report is 1200 pages long and was prepared by 50 climatologists and other scientists from 15 countries (an Executive Summary and a Summary for Policymakers is available). The goal of the NIPCC report, according to Jim Lakely, Director of Communications for the Heartland Institute, “is to inform the public, scientific community, and media that the upcoming IPCC report doesn’t have all the science to make informed judgments.”

In his review of the NIPCC report, Paul Driessen states: “The NIPCC authors conclude that existing climate models ‘are unable to make accurate projections of climate even ten years ahead, let alone the 100-year period that has been adopted by policy planners. The output of such models should therefore not be used to guide public policy formulation, until they have been validated [by comparison to actual observations] and shown to have predictive value.’”

But why? Let’s go back to the Cal Thomas quote: “Too many people have too much invested in perpetuating this fiction.”

More than fifty such “investments” of taxpayer money (given to Obama donors and friends of other high-ranking Democrats) have now gone bankrupt or are circling the drain.

You should keep in mind that the Saudi King that owns Obama's genitals controls what he wants for USA Oil Independence, to "Stop the USA from Becoming Independent and selling Oil and Gas to other nations. The 50 Trillion dollars invested by the Oil Rich Sheiks in the Middle East would lose control of the World of Oil and Money if the USA became independent. And the Muslim Kings of Earth would not be able to Promote the Religion/Government/UnCivilized nature of Islam to control the Whole World. And they own our Congress people and Judges and the Whole Executive Branch under Barack Obama and His Muslim Brotherhood.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013


The UN prepares to expose the global warming lie
Freedom Outpost –
Dean Garrison – 9/15/2013

Click the link - see the chart - "projections" going up costing $billions  - reality - normal temperatures - lost jobs - lost productivity - lost homes - lost industries - ALL BASED ON LIES -- FOLLOW THE MONEY

As we see our President throw money at Green Energy companies like they were his college Coke Dealers, there is a major report getting ready to hit the United Nations. Apparently 36 of 38 computer generated models were wrong, and now the scientific community is forced to admit that the earth is warming at roughly half the rate they previously stated.

Think about all of the hundreds of billions, or possibly trillions of dollars that the world has spent to be more environmentally friendly in recent years. Don't take that the wrong way. We should respect the earth but think about all of the decisions that are made based on environmental issues. The Keystone Pipeline comes to mind. What about Obama's current war on coal producers?

When decisions that hurt us economically (like "green" investments that have not paid off) are the result of lies spread by the scientific community then I have a real problem with it. Hopefully the forthcoming UN report will force many world leaders to admit that the science was wrong.

Even scientists make mistakes, but it will be interesting to see the reaction to these forthcoming reports. You will get a huge "tell" when you see the reaction or lack of reaction by the Obama Administration. My guess is that there will be no reaction at all in Washington. They will act as if these findings do not even exist.
Why? It's because environmental policies tend to have very little to do with the environment. These policies are often times excuses to push agendas.

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When you give birth to your baby, you never have to regret an abortion.

“This Time” is a powerful pro-life, pro-ADOPTION video
National Right to Life News – Dave Andrusko – 9/18/2013

This first link is the story

This second link is the video – five minutes

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