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The second largest beverage company in the world contracted with the firm in a $30 million deal in August 2010 and once Debi Vinnedge of the pro-life group Children of God for Life uncovered the connection, numerous pro-life groups, including LifeNews, joined together to promote a boycott of Pepsi until it ends the Senomyx contract.
In a letter to her group, PepsiCo’s VP of Global Public Policy, Paul Boykas stated that “Senomyx will not use HEK cells or any other tissues or cell lines derived from human embryos or fetuses for research performed on behalf of PepsiCo.”

“We took the matter very seriously,” stated Mr. Boykas. “We have an official Statement on Responsible Research and we intend to live by that policy.”
That policy precludes any research by PepsiCo — or third parties they fund — from using human tissue or cell lines derived from embryos or babies who are victimized by abortions.

“Senomyx receives royalties for products sold using their ingredients. If they do not use aborted fetal cell lines, they offend no one; if they do, they most certainly offend at least half of US consumers who are pro-life. But Children of God for Life also heard from a number of women who stated they were pro choice yet this use of aborted fetal cell lines, crossed the line and angered them as well,” she added.
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Heritage Foundation –Numerous graphs depict government deficits




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Girlfriends, Let’s talk about how to convert a Democrat

PJ Media – Janine Turner – 4/25/2012

This article is a 10! – copy the link, print it out, and forward to your friends!

G: Get Reasonable.

I: Informed on Phony Contraception Battle. Republicans are not interested in taking away contraceptives.

R: Republicans Are the Women’s Party. GET YOUR HISTORY HERE

L: Legislative Liberty Is Lost.,

F: Fuel and Energy Policies Are a Farce.

R: Return Women to the Workforce.

I: Insolvency — Sinking in a Sea of Debt.

E: Entitlement Society — “Give me Liberty and Gimme, Gimme!”

N: National Security — We Are Vulnerable.

D: Darkness — Democrats Want Us to Be in the Dark.

S: Sick — Our Health Care Will Soon Be Hopeless.

READER COMMENT: Show them that liberals won’t let them send their kids to the best schools.

Show them that liberals are keeping molesters and incompetents employed (or paid for no work!) as teachers.

Show them that the decisions they are now making about their children’s health will soon be made by bureaucrats in Washington D.C.

Show them the evil of federal bureaucracies in general: What happens when the eeevul Republicans take over and staff the HHS? (Hint, Democrat ladies: Maybe it’s best to knock those bureaucracies down altogether and let individuals make decisions for themselves.)

Show them that there are three branches of government and a process for writing federal law, so a President Romney wont’ be able to “declare abortion illegal” and start throwing crowds of teenaged rape victims into federal prisons.

READER COMMENT: I think that anti-Obama sentiment will be up, and pro-Obama sentiment will be way down from 2008. He’s doing everything he can to present this cool-cat image to his special-interest backers, but it’s falling flat. The crowds are gone. The enthusiasm is mocked up. Most everyone is waking up to the fact that Obama truly is an empty Brooks-Brothers suit, and a non-doctorate part-time college lecturer to boot. He’s a media creation with a matching Narcissistic personality.

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American Thinker – Timothy Birdnow – 4/24/2012

James Lovelock, father of the Gaia hypothesis, Defender of the Environmentalist Faith, most radical of Global Warming alarmists, has recanted!

Well, he has retreated, at any rate. Much like the legend of Galileo he has mumbled under his breath "and yet it still moves" (an unproven comment attributed to Galileo at his heresy trial.) Lovelock has stated that, while he was "alarmist" still there is Global Warming, but we just can't seem to find it.

There is the matter of the missing heat which alarmists theorize is hiding at the bottom of the oceans. But they have no mechanism for this heat moving downward, something heat does not normally do, and cannot find it through deep-sea probes. While Arctic ice has been weak, it has reached a new high for recent years. Himalayan glaciers have stubbornly failed to melt and some have even grown. Worldwide precipitation has stubbornly failed to increase in a statistically meaningful way . There is no solid evidence that sea level rise has accelerated in recent years . Oh, and it hasn't warmed since Bill Clinton's first term in office.

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The New American – Brian Koenig – 4/23/2012

Writing for The Blaze, Tiffany Gabbay recently produced a thoughtful exposé entitled "Are We Headed Toward the Constitution or the Communist Manifesto?" that breaks down the 10 tenets of Marx and Engels’ infamous 1848 publication and describes how those 10 steps or "planks" to establish communism are slowly being woven into American society.

abolition of private property

"fair and just" is often arbitrary

progressive income tax

class warfare

wealth redistributed to establish so-called "social equality."

abolishing the rights of inheritance, such as the estate tax, more commonly known as the "death tax."

the Federal Reserve, the impact central bankers have had on the U.S. economy has been devastating

"equality of labor," which often take the form of labor unions and their intimate relations with government.

Affirmative Action, which forces private businesses to adhere to a staff-quota consisting of minorities, women, and people with disabilities.

education system, despotic bureaucrats have largely seized the parents’ rights to choose their school districts, they have imposed certain religious teachings on children, and have decided what can and cannot be consumed during lunch break.

Some balk at the use of the word "Communism," dismissing its invocation as hyperbole. Yet when dissecting actual policies, laws, regulations and bureaucratic government approaches which Americans are increasingly subjected to, and weighing them against the 10 progressive "rules to live by," the facts scream loudly and clearly in the face of those who deny the ever-creeping onset of Socialism. Marx’s Communist "utopia" is only one evolutionary stage away from reality.

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Between a Rock and a Herd Place
Family Research Council – 4/27/2012

For now, it looks like the nanny goat state is on hold. After U.S. farmers, FRC, and other groups hollered our disapproval over new rules, the Labor Department finally relented. The regulations, which would have dictated children's chore charts, were so overbearing that teenagers would have needed Washington's approval to operate a power washer. Thousands of complaints flooded in from the states where farming and ranching are primary industries. By limiting what children under 18 could do, farmers would have been scrambling to find hired help. Not only would that have robbed kids of the experience of developing a work ethic and learning the family trade, but it would have put a bigger financial burden on farmers to look outside the family for workers.

To many, like FRC, it was an even bigger assault on parental rights, since the responsibility to protect children would shift from the family to the Feds. After taking a verbal pummeling on the issue, the Labor Department acknowledged its overreach. "The Obama administration is firmly committed to promoting family farmers and respecting the rural way of life, especially the role that parents and other family members play in passing those traditions down through the generations... The decision to withdraw this rule--including provisions to define the 'parental exemption'--was made in response to thousands of comments expressing concerns about the effect of proposed rules on small family-oriented farms. To be clear, this regulation will not be pursued for the duration of the Obama administration."

Obviously, the President wants to neutralize this as a campaign issue, but his record on parents' rights will be harder to hide. Under the guise of "child safety," the administration has wormed its way into everything from brown bag lunches to interstate abortions. In every instance, the President is testing the boundaries to see how far the government can encroach before parents object. Even now, the administration is pushing a global agenda of "children's rights" that transfers the decision-making and responsibilities of child-rearing to the international community. As FRC's Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison explain, the President is lobbying for the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), a treaty that would handcuff parents on issues like religion and morality. Under the CRC, "children choose their own religion and parents have only the right to 'advise' them." On matters like abortion or abstinence, the administration agrees with the U.N. that International Planned Parenthood should have unilateral access to children to teach their version of "reproductive rights."

Meanwhile, things at home aren't much better. Thanks to ObamaCare, the government can target your family for "home visitations" to "help" with parenting, discipline, homeschooling, and even gun safety! In his "Race to the Top" program, the White House muscles out parents from school choice, and his opposition to the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act (CIANA) bars them from a daughter's pregnancy "choice." So while the Labor announcement is worth celebrating, it is a clear warning of what parents can expect from President Obama when he has "more flexibility."

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YouTube – Three minutes – Judge Andrew Napolitano explains the new ruling to Eric Bolling on Fox

President Obama makes Free Speech a Felony in his presence

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By Michael Shaw --
March 12, 2012 --
Recently, several have called for the municipal creation of Property Rights Councils (PRC). The argument is that government officials need input for this “special interest.” Paul Coble of Wake County, North Carolina argued for the establishment of a property right council there because he says, “I cannot rely on the Commissioners being prepared or equipped with constitutional knowledge.”

You mean to say that people are elected to office not understanding their oaths of office to the Constitution! Who is voting for these people? Perhaps that is where the problem lies. Benjamin Franklin told us in 1787: “You have a republic if you can keep it.” We have not kept it. Children are not taught that America is a republic. Most adults think America is a democracy.
The American republic is the only nation in history where natural law prevails and civil law is subordinate. The American republic is the only nation ever founded on the idea that individual man has a natural right to live a life of his own. Accordingly, every person possesses unalienable rights including the right to life, liberty and the use and enjoyment of their private property. Under the American republican form of government, emulated by all state constitutions, the scope of government is intended to be very limited so to conform to the ideal set out by our founders.

A property rights council does not exist in the operation of the American republic. The creation of such boards means the fall of the republic. As a youth I learned that “councils” were soviets. So that begs the question: What is a Soviet? Soviets operate to achieve predetermined solutions that are made behind the scenes. If 100 communities created property right councils we would have substantially more than 100 definitions of what private property is.
Private property must be understood as a foundational principle. It includes your right to use your hands in the manner you choose. Your hands are your private property. Private property encompasses your thoughts. Without public preservation of the recognition of private property the state can take control of what it is that any of us do. Private property also includes the relationship between a person and an object. The cornerstone of that relationship is the owners right to determine the use of that thing. These are ideas that rest at the core of the American philosophical base. To barter or re-construe the meaning of private property though a soviet council is the abandonment of America's founding principles.

By succumbing to a localized soviet system of government, property right advocates lose the war before they effectively start the battle. The threat Americans face is rule by a central force guiding the global to local movement. What is needed is a vetting of local government operations and politicians, not an expansion of a soviet system in a desperate attempt to recapture property, liberty or America. The change will come when normal people run for the school board or water board or city council, not those controlled by special interests. The goals include getting ICLEI out of town and out of state, undoing local government's involvement with the federal Councils of Governments (COGs) and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), and defrocking the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) influence downtown. The time has come for Americans to do the right thing!

People must take the responsibility of restoring freedom or surrender human life to a new order where we all become chattel of ruling elite. The mechanisms for the globalist political, economic and social remake of man have been imposed in America for generations. Now following the technological boom, the power structure is ready to use its broadly expanded monetary, military and information base to conform man to the image of the new communist man, the dutiful peg in the evolving international order.
Property Rights Councils contribute to this result. When the elected officials need some sort of back stage guide in understanding the core of freedom – the political recognition of private property – and a principle of morality – “thou shalt not steal,” we are in big trouble. The local adoption of property right councils represents the final act in the loss of the republic and the loss of political recognition of our unalienable rights.

Michael Shaw is a leading critic of Sustainable Development, also known as the U.N.’s “Agenda 21,” which is the Action Plan implementing world government in the 21st century. Shaw delivers a powerful presentation, “The Ultimate War: Globalism vs. America.” The Ultimate War: Globalism vs America In this exposé he illustrates the local infiltration of globalist policy in the community in which he is speaking. Shaw leads which is dedicated to providing news and information on what America stands for and how Agenda 21 is designed to transform America and the human experience. For further reading, visit and check in regularly for information posted at the Town Crier.

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By Kathleen Marquardt
ICLEI, Unelected Councils and other NGO vehicles promoting Agenda 21/Sustainable Development and the New World Order

America, as well as the rest of the entire world, is being deluged with schemes to do away with individual freedom, property rights and the Constitution. I do not exaggerate about the extent of the evils that are trying to control every aspect of our lives and to eliminate many of us. Lately I keep hearing (and often thinking myself) that it is too late to stop this train wreck; the global elite have taken us so far down the road toward global government that to return to a republican form of government here in the U.S. might be impossible. The elite have been doing this through ICLEI, Visioning plans and other unelected councils controlled by NGOs (non-governmental organizations) connected to the United Nations.

There are so many various schemes and layers of schemes to relieve us of our freedoms that it would take volumes to try to describe all of them and new ones are being invented almost daily.
This article will attempt to explain ICLEI and how unelected councils have invaded our towns, cities, counties, states and our lives -- and how they are destroying each of those entities as they become entrenched.


ICLEI is the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, now known as Local Governments for Sustainability. As we expose what each of these NGOs is doing to attack us, they change their names in the hope of sneaking in under the radar of communities and towns that haven’t been exposed to them yet. It only works for a little while, then they need to change their names again and again as the rocks are lifted and sunlight shines on these evil entities.

ICLEI, a non-profit, private foundation, is based in Bonn, Germany and their nefarious ploy ostensibly is to assist local entities, usually cities and towns, to reduce their carbon footprints. As their website puts it:
ICLEI supports local governments in finding and implementing local solutions to global challenges by (in their words):

helping local governments to establishing plans of action to meet their locally defined, concrete, measurable targets

working toward meeting these targets through the implementation of projects and by offering tools that help local governments to reach their goals

evaluating local and cumulative progress toward sustainable development and making the commitments and actions of local governments known on a global level

working in partnership with regional, national and international organizations and institutions to ensure an international framework that supports local action

What that means is that when an entity joins ICLEI they agree to set certain targets (defined by ICLEI and measured by tools sold to them by ICLEI).

ICLEI was one of the groups instrumental in creating Agenda 21. Their whole scheme is to get communities to regulate everything that affects the environment which, of course, is everything including our exhalations.
ICLEI is now operating in more than 600 cities in all 50 states. They are shooting for 1,000 member cities in the US alone in the next three years.

ICLEI’s vice chair, Harvey Rubin, made the telling statement, “Individual rights will have to take a backseat to the collective.” If what I described above doesn’t convince you that this NGO at least is trying to take away our rights and freedoms, his statement should bring it home.

American Planning Association

Along with ICLEI, the American Planning Association (an NGO) is part of the scheme. The APA just issued its new planning guide – sent to every community in the nation as well as every college and university.
A quick look through the planning guide finds references to social justice, smart growth, promotion of “affordable housing,” protection of farm land, stopping urban sprawl, combating climate change, dealing with homelessness, energy preservation, provisions for child care and more – all out of the social justice plank of Agenda 21.

Then there is a section on “property fairness,” wherein the report discusses efforts by property owners to stop government land grabs without compensation. The APA refers to these property owners as “radical property rights organizations.” (This is when you realize that I am not exaggerating on the extent to which they have achieved their goal of ridding us of our freedom.)

Comprehensive Development Plans, promoted by one or more NGO in city after city across the nation, are enforcing schemes to “cut their carbon footprint” by controlling energy use. One of the most popular tools now to control energy use is the energy audit and building review. They establish quotas for electrical use, and for heating and cooling pumps, and water use. The use of Smart Meters is meant not only to control our use but to track what we do in our homes.

With the energy audit, government bureaucrats will come into your home or office building and determine the amount of energy you should be using. You can expect that he audit will show that you are over their so-called sustainable usage so you will be given a list of “recommendations” necessary to bring you and your home into compliance.

These may include the need for a new roof; new energy efficient appliances; new windows, low-flow toilets and a subscription to a recycling plan.

In Oakland California, the city council did just these things, and the result was an average cost to every single homeowner of at least $35,000. To sell your home you will be required to bring your home into compliance.
On top of all these intrusions into our lives, the EPA is now funding NGOs to run training programs for people to photograph and report neighbors who may be “committing crimes against the environment.” Yep, read that last sentence again -- a crime against the environment. You can bet it will not be considered a misdemeanor whatever you do. Can you envision being labeled a felon for overuse of your washing machine last month?

B Corps, Visioning Plans, Unelected Councils, etc.

There are Benefit Corporations (B Corp) that will support Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and Sustainability objectives. Read an excellent four part take on these at Freedom Advocates. [Link]
Visioning Plans have been around for some time but are now getting a lot of attention (finally). They are called planET (for East Tennessee), Five counties/one vision, Three states/one vision and many more permutations of this theme. They take a geographic area, define the boarders then place a comprehensive plan (often covering housing, transportation, the environment and adding some social aspect on it) and, voila, you have an unelected council that is now in charge of those areas and negating your duly elected officials.
There is nothing local about ICLEI other than its erstwhile name. ICLEI, the APA, B Corp and the rest are all part of the international agenda working through the United Nations to bring us under the umbrella of a one-world government.

Even the US State Department is in on it; it reports to the UN how well we are complying with A21. Yes, while the Constitution, in Article I section states: “No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay,” our government (through every department) is committing treason by submitting to the control of these UN entities.

As our national and local bureaucrats dutifully put all of these programs (ICLEI, MPA, Smart Meters, and on, ad infinitum) in place, they tell us, every step of the way, that it is all a local plan. If this is local, I am Lady Gaga.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. As I mentioned, new schemes (and the themes for them) are being devised every day. We cannot possibly keep up with all of them.

What we must do is get rid of them in our local area. At the suggestion of a local radio host, we are putting together something to offer to each city and county in the area to eliminate any Agenda 21 program in the local government. I will write more about this when we have it ready to execute. In the meantime I welcome your ideas and suggestions as to how to get the US back to being the country our forefathers conceived; to reinstate the Great American Experiment and to provide us, the citizens, once again the protection of our God-given rights to freedom and property.

Click here for part -----> 1, 2, 3, 4,
Kathleen Marquardt has been in the freedom movement since before it was called that. She was founder and chairman of Putting People First, a non-profit organization combatting the animal rights movement. Her book, AnimalScam: the Beastly Abuse of Human Rights, was published by Regnery in 1993. Kathleen has been Vice President of American Policy Center since 2000 and is the Agenda 21/Sustainable Development expert for Rocky Top Freedom Campaign. She is a contributing writer and researcher for Freedom Advocates.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Also read this short article:

U.N. to debut plan for world socialism in June--time for US to exit?

The United Nations is holding its' "Conference on Sustainable Development" in Rio de Janero, Brazil, over three separate sessions in June, to which organizers, led by UN Conference Secretary-General of Rio+20, Sha Zukang [who 'really doesn't like Americans'], expect 193 attendees from governments, the private sector, NGOs and other stakeholders, according to the Sarah de Sainte Croix March 20, 2012 article in The Rio Times.

The stated themes of this colossal conference, which is structured around a 204-page report titled, "Working Towards a Balanced and Inclusive Green Economy, A United Nations System-Wide Perspective," are “the green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication,” ... [by and through] ... "the institutional framework for sustainable development,” according to George Russell's excellent and quoted-filled FOXNews article today.

More specifically, the debates will cover a ... 'breathtaking array of carbon taxes, transfers of trillions of dollars from wealthy countries to poor ones, and new spending programs to guarantee that populations around the world are protected--from the effects of the very programs the world organization wants to implement..........

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Political Math Blog

Watch the three-minute video, and scroll down to see how much debt each president added during his term.

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EPA on Oil and Gas Companies: ‘CRUCIFY THEM!’

Free Beacon – C. J. Ciaramella – 4/25/2012

Watch the two minute video and read the quick article.

Sen. James Inhofe (R., Okla.) announced an investigation into the Environmental Protection Agency on the floor of the Senate Wednesday in light of a recently discovered video of an EPA administrator describing how the EPA occasionally “crucifies” oil and natural gas companies.

The video shows a 2010 speech by Obama-appointed EPA Administrator Al Armendariz. Armendariz compares the EPA’s enforcement strategy against oil and natural gas companies to that of the Roman Empire.

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Democrats intentionally wrote law to make student loan interest rates double in election year

Conservative – Rush Limbaugh – 4/26/2012

The Democrats controlled both houses of Congress in 2007. They had just won the election. The House, they took it back in 2006. Pelosi’s running the House; Democrats are running the Senate. So in 2007 they passed legislation that would cut the student loan interest rate in half and then reinstituted it July 1st this year, on purpose. They wanted the college student loan interest rate to double in an election year, in the summer right before the conventions. They were rolling the dice.

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Tennessee Passes Resolution Slamming “Socialist” UN Agenda 21
Written by Alex Newman - Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Even as the United Nations prepares to massively expand its “sustainable development” agenda at the upcoming sustainability summit in Rio de Janeiro, lawmakers in Tennessee approved a joint resolution blasting the global body’s controversial Agenda 21 — adopted at the 1992 Earth Summit — as an “insidious” socialist plot. All across America, opposition to the UN schemes is building quickly.

The popular measure (HJR 587) in Tennessee was passed by a bipartisan 72-to-23 landslide in the state House of Representatives last month. And on Tuesday, it was overwhelmingly approved in the Senate with 19 in favor and 11 against.

A broad coalition of activists from across the political spectrum came together to support the resolution, urging lawmakers to stand firm in the face of attacks to protect the people of Tennessee. And the efforts paid off: Supporters celebrated its passage Wednesday as another small victory for liberty, private-property rights, and national sovereignty.

Despite being non-binding, analysts said legislators in Tennessee sent a powerful message by recognizing the “destructive and insidious nature” of the controversial UN scheme. The resolution, among other points, urges the public and policymakers to reject Agenda 21, which it describes as “a comprehensive plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering, and global political control.”

Echoing a similar measure adopted earlier this year by the Republican National Committee (RNC), the resolution approved in Tennessee cites the UN’s own documents to expose the global plan. Agenda 21 policy describes “social justice,” for example, as “the right and opportunity of all people to benefit equally from the resources afforded us by society and the environment,” lawmakers observed.

Such a “radical” vision would have to be accomplished by what the resolution describes as “socialist” and “communist” means — “redistribution of wealth” from U.S. taxpayers to governments around the world. Meanwhile, the legislation points out, Agenda 21 considers national sovereignty to be a “social injustice.”
In other words, if the UN has its way, Americans would be forced to submit to global authorities as opposed to governing themselves under the framework established by the Constitution. And everything would have to change — education, the economy, policies, taxes, consumption, production, and more.

“This United Nations Agenda 21 plan of radical so-called ‘sustainable development’ views the American way of life of private property ownership, single-family homes, private car ownership and individual travel choices, and privately owned farms all as destructive to the environment,” the resolution explains. “We hereby endorse rejection of its radical policies and rejection of any grant monies attached to it.”

While the 20-year-old global plan has never been formally adopted by the U.S. Senate — which must ratify all treaties — it is still being implemented across the nation by stealth. “The United Nations Agenda 21 is being covertly pushed into local communities throughout the United States of America,” the measure notes.
Aside from the federal executive branch, one of the main forces working to foist the scheme on Americans is a global organization named ICLEI (formerly known as the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives). And it uses a variety of innocent-sounding terms — “Smart Growth” and “Green,” for example — to advance the controversial agenda, the resolution states. As such, the legislature of Tennessee resolved to warn America about the “dangerous intent” of the plan.

Facing a tidal wave of anti-Agenda 21 activism, an assortment of extremist pro-UN groups and tax-funded propagandists have attempted to downplay the significance of the global agenda, portraying it as a harmless environmental initiative. But experts and lawmakers were not convinced, and opposition to the schemes continues to grow.

State Sen. Mike Bell, a Republican who sponsored the Senate resolution in Tennessee, held up the UN’s Agenda 21 in a thick folder for all to see. “There is over 300 pages, like I said, contained in this document,” he explained, noting that the state resolution would send a “message” to Congress. “I can best describe this as zoning rules on steroids.”

Some Democrats, however, did not see it that way. “It seems to me that planning and forethought and trying to preserve our Tennessee way of life is exactly what we should be doing,” State Sen. Andy Berke was quoted as saying. It was not immediately clear why he opposed the resolution because it merely condemns Agenda 21 and UN schemes — not planning, forethought, or the preservation of the state’s way of life.
Still, despite support from some pro-UN Democrats, opposition to the global organization and its “sustainable development” schemes largely transcends party lines. In the Tennessee House, for example, at least half-a-dozen Democratic lawmakers joined with the GOP majority to approve the anti-Agenda 21 resolution.
Activists who backed the measure come from both sides of the aisle, too. “Let's be sure to thank those elected officials who have the courage to brave ridicule and disinformation in order to bring UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development out of the shadows and into the light,” noted the group Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21 in a statement urging the Tennessee Senate to approve the resolution. “We can do it. We're getting stronger every day, and it's because you are speaking out.”

Of course, the growing alliance seeking to preserve individual liberty and private property in the face of UN plans also includes a wide range of conservative and libertarian organizations. Diverse groups such as the Tennessee Eagle Forum, local Tea Party chapters, The John Birch Society, the American Policy Center, and even the Republican National Committee all played a role in getting the joint resolution passed.
Meanwhile, another piece of legislation on the agenda in Tennessee would do more than simply condemn the UN plan using strong language — it would completely prohibit the adoption or implementation of any part of the global scheme within the state. If passed, the law would ensure that local governments and state agencies would not be able to financially support or work with the vast array of “shadow organizations” seeking to “surreptitiously implement ‘Agenda 21’ around the world.”

Beyond Tennessee, legislators and policymakers at the state and local level all across America are working hard to stop the agenda as well. Several states are already considering similar legislation. And scores of city governments are dropping their controversial membership in ICLEI — with the trend expected to accelerate faster than ever this year.

The UN, however, is moving full-speed ahead toward achieving its goals. Several official documents released in recent weeks revealed that the global body plans to use this June’s UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UN CSD) to amass wide-ranging new powers and literally re-shape civilization under the guise of environmentalism. Even people’s thoughts and lifestyles are in the crosshairs.

The upcoming global summit — known as Rio+20 because it marks the 20th anniversary of the Earth Summit which adopted Agenda 21 — will seek to transform humanity toward what its leaders describe as a “green economy.” It will be chaired by UN CSD Secretary General Sha Zukang, who served as a senior diplomat for the Communist Chinese dictatorship before taking on his high-level "sustainability" post at the UN.
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