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Kincaid: New film exposes radical Muslim ‘Deception’
GOP USA – Cliff Kincaid – 10/29/2012
In terms of gaining acceptance in the U.S., Muhammad said the Muslim campaign against “Islamophobia” is deliberately modeled after the successful homosexual campaign to promote gay rights by railing against “homophobia.” He said the Muslim militants reject homosexuality but have entered into an alliance with homosexual and left-wing groups for political reasons under the guise of “civil rights.” He said their attitude is, “Once we seize power, we will deal with them [the homosexuals].”

Muhammad said Muslim leaders here and abroad have studied and copied communist methods of infiltrating and penetrating America and other Western nations. “They have studied the tactics of the far left,” he said.

In other cases of “self-censorship,” in order to stave off charges of “Islamophobia,” the film notes that:
  • Publishing giant Random House killed a book in 2008 about the Islam Prophet Muhammad’s relationship with his child bride.
  • Yale University Press published a book about Danish cartoons said to be offensive to Islam without publishing the cartoons themselves.
  • An episode of Comedy Central’s animated cartoon series “South Park” was deleted from the Internet because of threats over its depiction of Muhammad.
The film, near the end, shows Muslim Student Association supporter Amir Abdel Malik Ali having a student audience repeat a Muslim Brotherhood “pledge of allegiance” that ends with the statement, “I will die to establish Islam.”

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What we know about Benghazi: Obama should resign
GOP USA – Ivan Kenneally – 10/29-2012

If true, what does this reveal about the content of Obama’s character? If he passively watched Americans under his command murdered, endowed with the power to potentially rescue them but chastened by the political fallout? If in order to insulate his foreign policy house of cards from the riotous gale of wind blowing through Northern Africa and the Middle East, he sacrificed Americans he could have saved? And then lied about it repeatedly, unrepentantly, with histrionically feigned indignation?

We know enough to demand candid answers to the few, macabre questions whose answers we still do not know. We know that if what we suspect turns out to be true, the request for another four weeks, let alone four years as Commander in Chief, should be summarily denied. We know we deserve better, and so do the Americans who were murdered that day, while their President purportedly watched on television, anxious about his election prospects. We know this is a morbid story, full of gruesome sadness, and we can almostexcuse the press for their irresponsible neglect of things we all wish we did not know, that we could unlearn. We know more than we can bear, but now we must know more.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Bishop Ricken’s guidance on these issues carries a lot of weight in this region — the diocese has 304,614 members in 16 counties. Across the state, Catholics make up more than 25 percent of the population, or 1.5 million people. 
Click the link below to read Bishop David L. Ricken’s letter which detail areas that are “intrinsically evil”

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Ginni Thomas interviews Curtis Bowers who produced Agenda: Grinding America Down. Please click on this link and get an update as Curtis Bowers discusses communism in America. It’s a long interview—listen to it as you would the radio.

Then watch the movie on line: Agenda: Grinding America Down -

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Slain SEAL’s Father – ‘They Murdered my son’
PJ Media – Bryan Preston – 10/26/2012
2-minute video
Obama Knew
American Spectator – Jeffrey Lord – 10/25/2012
If what happened in Benghazi wasn't incompetence -- was it ideology?
Did Sharia kill Ambassador Chris Stevens, Foreign Service officer Sean Smith, and two Navy SEALs?
And is Hillary Clinton's insistence yesterday that the leaked State Department e-mails were "not evidence" yet more evidence that indicates the Obama White House not only knew what was going on but deliberately turned a blind eye to Benghazi because of that ideology?
Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: My sources tell me Obama was in the room watching Benghazi attack
Right Scoop – 10/27/2012
4-minute video – over 250 comments
AC-130U Gunship was on-scene in Benghazi, Obama Admin refused to let it fire
PJ Media – Bob Owens – 10/26/2012
3-minute video
Stand Down Obama and Biden, Stand Down
American Thinker – Clarice Feldman – 10/28/2012
Stand Down, Obama and your administration. All of you. Stand Down. You've failed to carry out your responsibilities of office. You treated American lives, including that of an ambassador -- the official representative of your country -- with utter disregard for their safety. You've lied to us about this tragedy so many times and in so many ways you can no longer credibly lead. You're crass and vulgar and without regard for truth, law or common decency and deserve to be drummed out of office.
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Obama’s Second-term agenda: Poison for suburban women
American Thinker – Keith Riler – 10/27/2012
RadNet, the country's largest imaging and diagnostic company, comments in its most recent investor presentation that mammogram volumes have been adversely affected by the weak economy AND A "GOVERNMENT TASKFORCE CHANGING THE RECOMMENDED AGE FROM 40+ TO 50+."
The government taskforce comment is meaningful. It means that during President Obama's first term, an HHS-supported advisory board recommended that women's health care be rationed. THIS IS THE SAME ENTITY THAT MORE RECENTLY RECOMMENDED THAT MEN DO WITHOUT THE PSA TEST, THE STANDARD PROSTATE CANCER SCREENING PROCEDURE.
During his first term, President Obama's profligate spending crowded out millions of jobs, resulting in declining personal income, 26 million unemployed or marginally employed Americans, 46.7 million people on food stamps, record numbers of children living under the poverty line, teen unemployment in excess of 20%, all-time-high median weeks' unemployed, and almost a million more women being out of work. Suburban earners and their families likely already feel the stress of precarious employment situations, be they unemployed, part-time-employed, or stuck in a really bad job. Why should a head of household choose four more years of sleeplessness, irritable bowels, weight gain, reflux, and high blood pressure?
Obama is a longtime supporter of "regionalism," the idea that the suburbs should be folded into the cities, merging schools, housing, transportation, and above all taxation. ... The goal: income equalization via a massive redistribution of suburban tax money to the cities.
The president's plans for the suburbs reside in a couple of programs, one of which is the Sustainable Communities Initiative. This is an initiative "set to recommend redistributive policies, as well as transportation and development plans, designed to undercut America's suburbs." This initiative is currently focused in Ohio, Florida, and Virginia, but its ambition is directed nationwide, where, according to the president, "[w]e don't need to build more highways out in the suburbs."
REPEAT: A RATIONING OF WOMEN'S HEALTH CARE OCCURRED DURING THE FIRST OBAMA TERM. RADNET'S MAMMOGRAM VOLUMES ARE DOWN. Unlike the fictional, Planned Parenthood-channeled "war on women," a rationing of health care is very relevant to suburban women, as are jobs, schools, and roads.
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Thoughts on Freedom and Socialism as the election nears
Patriot Update – Tad Cronn – 10/28/2012
Our destiny is not to be one among many in the dark but to be a light to others, an inspiration and a hope for all mankind. Though we have fallen short, it was for this purpose that our country was created.
Liberty is the manifestation of the deepest nature of all mankind, that we are made in the image of God, and by God’s grace we shall be free. We knew this once, and that knowledge made us bold, made us humble, made us good, made us great.
But we have traded our freedom of late for the false security of buffet religion and foreign philosophies. Or, more frequently, we have turned our backs on our Creator altogether and worshipped our own shadows, accepting chains for false promises of a man-made, communal paradise.
But other men are not Americans, we brave few who in all the history of the world who are among a small number who placed faith in God and dared to be free. The chains of socialism appear as gold, but they are chains nonetheless.
Until such time as all men cherish freedom, America must rule herself and accept that those who bow to power make poor presidents.
READER COMMENT: Very insightful sir. You understand the beast that socialism/communism is and how it is nothing but manipulation of the mind and soul that distorts ones image of evil. Regrettably your powerful message will only reach a handful and be understood by even fewer patriots that heeded the warning of sacrificing liberty for security. This simple message is being drowned out by the evil that dominates our society from the educational institutions to the media to the lusts that people have forgotten how to control.
When faced with the easy or hard roads our current generations, against the advice of wiser men have chosen the easy road and now we pay. We are witnessing the willful destruction of a spirit that survived the best the world could throw at it from surviving the ice age to prevailing in WWII. This is the human spirit.
We are now becoming an animal (thanks to Darwinism) that will not know how to feed itself if our master takes our bowl away, and somehow, through the use of humanistic psychology many of us have been tricked into begging for this socially engineered decline in human initiative.
Reversing this phenomena will take more than a conservative victory in this coming election. It will take nothing less than the 100 years it took the communists to retrain our thought process which brought us to where we are today. It will take a prevailing attitude of those who are unaffected by the conditioning techniques of the left and an undying application of the very tactics they employed but with the desired outcome to find truth, not achieve moral relativism.
The question is, are there enough people that still believe in America as founded?
Are there enough people in this country that understand our constitution and the fact that self governance is impossible without higher, absolute morality?
That is what this coming election will determine. Failure to realize this election is nothing but a start, a beginning for the return of American exceptionalism could be just as disastrous as electing another far left liberal.

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Government spends more taxpayer dollars, and the GDP increases 2%
Godfather Politics – Philip Hodges – 10/27/2012
The Republicans in the Senate Budget Committee compiled some data that showed that on average, over $60,000 was spent per household below the poverty line on welfare programs last year. Federal and State governments spent over $1 trillion on welfare programs, and over 16 million households were below the poverty line, which was $22,350 last year. The middle class is paying taxes to fund welfare programs that end up being able to pay out more money to poor households than what most households make in a year. The median household income last year was around $50,000. The Senate Budget Committee noted:
“A congressional report from CRS [Congressional Research Services] recently revealed that the United States now spends more on means-tested welfare than any other item in the federal budget—including Social Security, Medicare, or national defense. Including state contributions to the roughly 80 federal poverty programs, the total amount spent in 2011 was approximately $1 trillion. Federal spending alone on these programs was up 32 percent since 2008.”
They want a nation full of government dependents who, once they’re hooked on the government’s dole, will vote for more socialism every 4 years. 47 million Americans are on food stamps, and 8.8 million are on social security disability benefits, 1.3 million of these recipients applied during Obama’s term. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated that nearly 110 million Americans received some kind of welfare last year. Despite the USDA’s claim that welfare users will stimulate the economy, the economy is still in the doldrums, and 23 million Americans are either underemployed or unemployed.
READER COMMENT: Do I understand this right? It costs tax payers $60,000 to give 1 household $3624.00 in food stamps. The government calls this progress?

Over $60,000 in welfare spent per household in poverty
Weekly Standard – Daniel Halper – 10/26/2012
New data compiled by the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee shows that, last year, the United States spent over $60,000 to support welfare programs per each household that is in poverty. The calculations are based on data from the Census, the Office of Management and Budget, and the Congressional Research Services.
"According to the Census’s American Community Survey, the number of households with incomes below the poverty line in 2011 was 16,807,795," the Senate Budget Committee notes. "If you divide total federal and state spending by the number of households with incomes below the poverty line, the average spending per household in poverty was $61,194 in 2011." 
the total amount spent in 2011 was approximately $1 trillion. Federal spending alone on these programs was up 32 percent since 2008.
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Why Medicare Must be Reformed
The foundry – 10/26/2012
Quick slide show – more money goes out and comes in to pay for services.
8 of Every 10 doctores thinking of quitting because of ObamaCare
Godfather Politics – Da Tagliare – 7/11/2012
The results of those that responded indicated an overwhelming belief that Obamacare will be a complete disaster and that many of them are seriously considering leaving their medical practices because of it. Here are some of the statistics gathered from the survey:
  • 90% say the medical system is on the WRONG TRACK
  • 83% say they are thinking about QUITTING
  • 61% say the system challenges their ETHICS
  • 85% say the patient-physician relationship is in a TAILSPIN
  • 65% say GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT is most to blame for current problems
  • 72% say individual insurance mandate will NOT result in improved access care
  • 49% say they will STOP accepting Medicaid patients
  • 74% say they will STOP ACCEPTING Medicare patients, or leave Medicare completely
  • 52% say they would rather treat some Medicaid/Medicare patient for FREE
  • 57% give the AMA a FAILING GRADE representing them
  • 1 out of 3 doctors is HESITANT to voice their opinion
  • 2 out of 3 say they are JUST SQUEAKING BY OR IN THE RED financially
  • 95% say private practice is losing out to CORPORATE MEDICINE
  • 80% say DOCTORS/MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS are most likely to help solve things
  • 70% say REDUCING GOVERNMENT would be single best fix.
It also shows that the majority of doctors in private practices are barely surviving financially and that they feel that under all of the demands and restrictions of Obamacare that there is no way for them to avoid losing money. This is the reason so many of them are considering the option of walking away from their practices.
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Top 10 reasons to vote Obama out of office
Human Events – 10/28/2012
  1. Jobs
  2. Debt crisis
  3. ObamaCare
  4. Foreign policy unraveling
  5. Economic anemia
  6. Class warfare rhetoric
  7. Partisan politics
  8. No more Biden
  9. Clean house of incompetents
  10. No plan for the future

Do you think something should be added to this list?
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"Who will help me plant my wheat?" asked the little red hen.
"Not I," said the cow.
"Not I," said the duck.
"Not I," said the pig.
"Not I," said the goose.
"Then I will do it by myself."
She planted her crop and the wheat grew and ripened.
"Who will help me reap my wheat?" asked the little red hen.
"Not I," said the duck.
"Out of my classification," said the pig.
"I'd lose my seniority," said the cow.
"I'd lose my unemployment compensation," said the goose.
"Then I will do it by myself," said the little red hen, and so she did.
"Who will help me bake the bread?" asked the little red hen.
"That would be overtime for me," said the cow.
"I'd lose my welfare benefits," said the duck.
"I'm a dropout and never learned how," said the pig.
"If I'm to be the only helper, that's discrimination," said the goose.
"Then I will do it by myself," said the little red hen.
She baked five loaves and held them up for all of her neighbors to see.
They wanted some and, in fact, demanded a share but the little red hen said, "No, I shall eat all five loaves."
"Excess profits!" cried the cow. (Nancy Pelosi)
"Capitalist leech!" screamed the duck. (Barbara Boxer)
"I demand equal rights!" yelled the goose. (Jesse Jackson)
The pig just grunted in disdain. (Harry Reid)
And they all painted 'Unfair!' picket signs and marched around and around the little red hen, shouting obscenities.
Then the farmer (Obama) came.
He said to the little red hen, "You must not be so greedy."
"But I earned the bread," said the little red hen.
"Exactly," said Obama the farmer.
"That is what makes our free enterprise system so wonderful.
Anyone in the barnyard can earn as much as he wants.
But under our modern government regulations, the productive workers must divide the fruits of their labor with those who are lazy and idle."
And they all lived happily ever after, including the little red hen, who smiled and clucked, "I am grateful, for now I truly understand."
But her neighbors became quite disappointed in her.
She never again baked bread because she joined the 'party' and got her bread free. And all the Democrats smiled. 'Fairness' had been established.
Individual initiative had died but nobody noticed; perhaps no one cared so long as there was free bread that 'the rich' were paying for.
Bill Clinton is getting $12 million for his memoirs.
Hillary got $8 million for hers.
That's $20 million for the memories from two people, who for eight years repeatedly testified, under oath, that they couldn't remember anything.

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Obama Announces Jobs Plan – CEOs Announce Lay-Offs
Conservative HQ – 10/25/2012
Employers have begun to pass judgment on President Obama’s “new” jobs plan – which is not really new – but the same salmagundi of class warfare, massive borrowing, Keynesian economics, and government dependency that has been Obama’s “plan” in his first term.

And their judgment ain’t pretty for Obama.
Dow Chemical
Advanced Micro Devices
Westgate Resorts
Georgia Pacific
ASG Software
Art Allen pretty well summed-up the business community reaction to Obama’s job creation efforts in comments that, if they ever got made into a commercial, would probably win the election for Mitt Romney.
Allen said, “Would you hire a person with no experience to do brain surgery? Of course not, but that’s what the US voters did in 2009. Why does the world keep hiring politicians to run our global economies when they have no experience? It just makes no sense, and yet the world keeps doing it over and over again. Let’s take the lead on November 6th and show the world how it should and can be done.”
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Ryan makes case for school choice
The Foundry – 10/25/2012 – Lindsey Burke
Millions of children pass through our nation’s broken public schools year after year. Too many of those children have no other choice. Confined by their parent’s zip codes and economic means, they are assigned to government schools, where, in some of our nation’s largest cities, they are just as likely to drop out as they are to graduate.
Providing those children with a choice isn’t a radical idea: School choice means funding children instead of institutions and allowing dollars to follow them to educational options that best meet their unique learning needs. But no matter how common-sense school choice might seem, the usual suspects—special interest groups concerned with maintaining a self-serving status quo—will try to stand in the way. As Ryan noted:
The special interests that dominate this system always seem to have their own futures lined up pretty nicely. But when you think about the future of the young adults that the system has failed, many will face a lot of grief and disappointment—and their country owes them better than that.
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