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I believe this article should be read and understood by all Patriots. We must keep the goal in mind for years to come and teach others the same if we truly want our country to be a land of the free and brave. Please urge all to continue to do the job and replacing our country back in our hands, the hand of the people.

TEA Party Rallies 1776 – Progressives 0
By J. C. Powers

The Progressives in the media have declared that the TEA Party rallies have run their course. Yes indeed, they have run their course and will continue to run their course right through November. There is a lull during the summer months regarding TEA Party rallies, but that don’t mean tea-baggers and astroturfers have lost their determination to unseat as many incompetent incumbents as humanly possible. The continued application of volatile fuels like unemployment, high taxes, outrageous spending, personal economic stress, illegal immigration appeasement, and sustained high costs associated with exclusive energy policies enabled by Congress and the interim President permeated the entire American culture.

To add disappointment, those individuals expecting “Obama Cash” to pay their rent and fill their cars with gasoline are quickly learning that these alleged minority representatives are in the battle of their political lives attempting to create a strong voting-base of undocumented workers; completely ignoring the existing minorities already struggling through job-losses and poverty in the United States.

Along with calling oath-keeping veterans domestic terrorists, the NAACP, the congressional elitists and the Obama Administration are declaring TEA Party attendees as racists and bigots. It should be noted here that most attendees believe the human race descended from a dark-skinned couple who go by the names Adam and Eve. The Progressives believe all humans, including minorities, evolved from monkeys. The reintroduction of racism in the country has not come from the patriots on the right, but from the Progressives on the extreme left.

Americans are living in a critical transition period with heavy-duty impositions through increasing government authority and dissipating constituent influences; but we‘re also living in the information age. Despite the mainstream media’s attempt to distract the citizenry, both Progressives and RINOs are being lined-up for the political guillotine. But the citizens aren’t interested in merely creating a majority of constitutionally inclined representatives in both houses of congress; they’re aiming at a super majority of filibuster and veto-proof representatives in the House and by 2012, in the Senate.

The complex array of communists among the 435 seats in the House of Representatives will require the piecemeal demolition of the iron fisted political society by informed voters. The intensity within many of the 435 congressional districts indicates even moderate-liberals are fed-up with the Progressive theology. Congress and the Kenyan will work non-stop to muster as much support as possible for an amnesty program, but unlike the 1980s when illegal immigrants were hard-working Christians looking for a more free and prosperous life, the new version of wetbacks are drug-smugglers, rapists, con-artists, thieves, and virtual welfare dregs; people who are far more in-line with the Progressives’ idea of a well-balanced society that requires their overwhelming totalitarian intercessions.

The current House is divided with 253 Democrats and 135 Republicans and four vacant seats. The quick summation requires the patriotic constitutionalists to garner 200 seats; ousting a combination of 200 Democrats and RINOs. On the Senate side the patriots will have to replace weak-kneed appeasers and compromisers like Lindsay Graham and John McCain at their first opportunity and garner at least 23 seats in each of the next three Senate election cycles.

Several states are in need of cleansing as well. Here in the State of Michigan it appears as if Paul Opsommer is the only person in Lansing worth rehiring for another term in office; the rest need to get in the soup-line with the constituents they put there along with most national representatives and both of Michigan’s U. S. senators. Wall Street and union workers aren’t the problem; addicted politicians and other “notice me!” control freaks like environmentalists, reverse-racists, gays and other special interest groups are the problem. To the demise of the Progressives, the days of the free-thinking patriots are returning in a devastating avalanche.

Locally, from school boards to councils and commissions, patriotic citizens are looking to put people in those seats that are unwilling to tolerate unfunded mandates and unwilling to drop their drawers and bend-over for environmentalists. People need to be in those seats that are willing to establish clear lines of authority, recognize priorities, meet and fulfill expectations, and ensure the taxpayers are receiving the best possible bang for their bucks as possible.

It’s time that the counties/parishes, cities, and townships declare their independence and sovereignty from the influences of the state while being weaned from the states’ dictatorial teats and it’s time for the states to declare their own level of independence and sovereignty from the national government. It’s also time we all declared ourselves independent of foreign industries, consumable goods and fuels.

Seriously, what politician has ever stepped-up and required country of origin labels on the front of all packages and clear “product of” identification on the placards over produce, meats and poultry? Maybe it’s time citizens entrusted with legislative, judicial and executive duties by their own countrymen start protecting and defending the rights of their fellow citizens over the power and influences of special interest groups and cease ratifying their own good-old-boy clubs.

Power to all the lawful People!

J. C. Powers

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