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American Thinker 6/10/2011

The numbers are staggering.  According to a Census Bureau report for the first quarter of 2009, of a little more than 300 million Americans, nearly 139 million -- or 46.2% of us -- were receiving benefits from one or more federal programs.  The largest programs are familiar ones: Social Security (46,509,000), Medicaid (70,818,000), Medicare (42,566,000) and the Food Stamp program (36,096,000).

The United State tax code exceeds seventy thousand pages.  Many thousands of deals for special interests and constituencies are written into it.  Ironically, in order to take advantage of available tax breaks, individuals and businesses spend unimaginable amounts of time and money to properly prepare their returns.

READER COMMENT:  roofster Today 03:20 AM

I am an ER doc in a large suburban hospital. Over my 20 years of practice, I have watched the welfare roles grow to twice what  they were when I started. More troubling is how attitudes of the dependent have changed. Where once people were thankful for short-term help, they now seek to find every possible penny they can find, and now services are demanded: thank-yous are few and far between. It's so bad now, for example, that I recently had a Medicaid patient come in at 0200 by ambulance- for a pregnancy test...when I asked  her why, she told me she didn't want to waste her gas, and she knew the ambulance and the ER couldn't refuse her. It's getting to be almost too much for me sometimes. I've talked to Congressmen and Senators about the abuse, and they are always "woking on it". Meanwhile, we have a patient who has been to the ER 1300 times since 2003 !! When I call the Medicaid office, they tell me there's nothing they can do. I'm convinced that the system is going to have to crash, and I'm really frightened about the people that believe it's their right to have others...

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