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Title: Dailymotion - Yuri Bezmenov - a video – about 15 minutesAddress:

I got this link from a friend—here is his explanation:
This video provides a very clear explanation why we have an issue in our country with so many left-directed people. If this information from a Soviet agent is true, we can expect nothing less than war and a divided country. Got any ideas on how to fight this? The most scary part - it was recorded in 1985. It is clear how deep communism has infiltrated. Therefore, we need not call leftists Progressives, or Socialists, they are Communists. This is Russia's dream come true. Listen to every bit of it. BTW, the Soviet agent provides a solution to the problem we have. I will guarantee you this is the best video you will see on the Internet this year. - D

As I listened to the video, I started to type up some notes, about half way into the video

Eventually leftists become disillusioned with communism
Communists find people who lack moral principles and believe their own self importance.
Their stated purpose is to serve as destabilization in a country
Professors destabilize a country, think they have power
Then they become bitter enemies to Marxism
They then become the enemies of the Marxist communists because their purpose has been accomplished.

Educate a new generation – takes 20-30 years to turn the tide in a country
Half baked intellectuals are in positions of power
They think and react to certain stimuli in the same way—ideological world view – programmed
They are eventually marked for extermination because they eventually see what social justice means and are unhappy
Marxist communists do not tolerate their opponents

Educate a new generation – takes 15 years to develop patriotism
Demoralization process has been completed in the US already
Done by Americans to Americans
Demoralized people cannot assess authentic truth—they refuse to believe it
Only when he faces his own extermination will he believe communism doesn’t work

Destabilization – 2-5 years
Economy, foreign relations, defense systems
Crisis—six weeks
After crisis—violent change of power
Then “normalization” – new normal

Politicians promise all kinds of goodies
Destabilize the economy
Put big brother government in place with benevolent dictators, unfulfilled promises
False illusion
Situation is “under control”
False peace time—U.S. is in a state of war against itself—the world economy system
U.S. must wake up
Disaster comes closer-no where to defect to.
America is the last country with freedom
Very strong national effort to education
Explain real danger of socialism big brother government
If people don’t understand the danger, they believe the government

People must stop the government in its aid to communist governments

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