Saturday, October 2, 2010


A website is referenced below which you may choose to download; it’s an extremely interesting study report by the Heartland Institute, entitled "The State Public Pension Crisis."

Basically the study confirms what we all suspected: that a significant part of the big government financial insanity is the totally out of control government employee's pension programs in most of our states. The study concludes that the pension programs in 42 out of 50 states are unsustainable (potentially leading to bankruptcy.)

California is a typical horror story:

According to public databases, more than 5,000 retired California government workers receive annual pension benefits exceeding $100,000.

Ten California retirees currently receive more than $220,000 a year in pension benefits. Topping the list is Bruce Malkenhorst, who retired in 2006 after a 27-year run as Vernon city administrator. He receives $41,639 a month – $499,674 this year. Not bad for having run a town of just 92 people that has no school, park, library, or grocery store. This “city” near Los Angeles is made up almost entirely of industrial properties. Malkenhorst was being paid $600,000 a year when he retired.

Read the complete report here:

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