Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Unverified--read this with your eyes wide open.

Gulf Power, The Agenda 21 Trojan Horse that tried to sneak into my house free of charge today. 

Be very cautious of your electric co. offering anything for free.  This is very possible and something the current administration and perhaps others would love to be able to do to us.  Nothing is for free.

Dear Patriots across America and Florida,
I just checked the mail and low and behold there was a cute colored flyer from Gulf Power "A Southern company" sitting in the Bunker's re enforced mail slot.  Front of flyer. ENERGY-SELECT.  The Carter's comfort zone.  Hmmm maybe peanut boy is part of this program ?

The flyer stated quote in part:

 "Energy Select is a simple way to save money and energy and help the environment" "Here's a comforting thought. You can take a simple step today to reduce your impact on the environment without radically changing your lifestyle. In fact, Gulf Power is proud to offer you a way to conserve energy and save money at the same time.  Its called Energy Select.  And all it involves is allowing us to install the EnergySelect system, including a programmable thermostat called the Super Statt in your home FREE OF CHARGE. !!!

They then try to sell me on this program with " he Super Stat allows you to set your cooling and heating system automatically. Ok says I.

Here is the BIG RED FLAG boys and girls.  besides the Free part.

It has an Internet control feature where you can control and heat your home anytime, anywhere using the internet. Even if you are hundreds and hundreds of miles away from your home. And installation is FREE.

A trained Agenda 21 employee (my quote not the flyer) will come to your home and install it.

OK here is my response this.  I called Gulf Power and asked the following questions. 

Q. (1)  "Nothing is free in this world so please tell me who is footing the bill for this FREE installation?".  The lady refused to answer until I put on my Senior  hat and pressed the issue.  I stated "Will the tax payers of the Florida be paying for this out of grant money from the EPA or the Commerce Dept"?  She said no, the money is coming from stock holders in a Southern Company.  I said "Great not tax payer money." "Did you have a stock holder meeting and vote to agree to this cost being passed onto stock holders"? She said she did not know.

Q. (2) "I see from the flyer that if I get this FREE thermostat installed by a trained Agenda 21 employee, will I be able to control my heat from  Washington DC if I am say on vacation"? 

 The lady said yes absolutely.  I then asked will Gulf Power and a Southern Company be able to control my heating and cooling from afar using the internet.

She said yes Gulf Power would then have full access to my heating and cooling usage via the internet from their offices.    "Really" ?  said I  "What about the EPA" ?

"What if the EPA decides I am using too much power and hurting the environment, will they have access to my power through the internet"? She said she did not know but probably not. 

Q. (3) I asked "What if the Obama Administstration and the  EPA filed a court order against Gulf Power and demanded access and control of all those suckers that signed up for this FREE thermostat is that possible"?  She said she is not a lawyer and did not know.

Q. (4) "Why is there no disclaimer in the flyer that Gulf Power and a Southern Company will be able to access my house and control my heating and cooling via the internet?"  She said they Gulf Power would have no reason to do that. Hmm says I. Not yet anyway.  Not until Obama and his communist EPA thugs get control of this nation in 2012. What about if Marshall Law is imposed on the people, what then?  Wake up folks. I am sounding the siren !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There you have it boys and girls. Look out for your flyer from Gulf Power or who ever your power provider is.  Get your free installed energy Select System. Here is an opportunity for the government and your power  company to possibly monitor and manage how hot and how cold you want to keep your house from their head quarters.  Be ready for an EPA take over of  Gulf Power as soon as all these free thermostats are installed if and when the country falls to communism.

I respectfully declined this free thermostat from the Agenda 21 Communists. They tried to sneak a Trojan horse into my living room. They could have had the potential to wrestle control of MY HEATING AND COOLING needs from me from AFAR in order to save the planet from polluters called capitalists.

Feel free to call them and ask them who gave Gulf Power the money for this project and why do they want to be able to have access to the inside of our homes directly linked to our thermostats?  This is pure Communism boys and girls.  REJECT THIS!!! 

The number to call is 1-877.655.4001 or go to http://www.gulfpower.com/
Senior Chief G. R.
US Navy Retired.

Northwoods Patriots - Standing up for Faith, Family, Country

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  1. Or you could just simply unplug your broadband internet connection if you think they have suddenly taken control of you home. I'd be more worried about that line coming into your house than a company using peak load management to save you money.