Thursday, March 10, 2011


Capitol Chaos: Lawmakers getting death threats – 3/10/11 9:12:58

Gov. Scott Walker’s Wall Street Journal Editorial 3/10/2011

Search Wisconsin Public Employees Payroll – Forward this weblink to your conservative taxpaying friends

1130 WISN – Listen on line as Milwaukee Radio Hosts discuss Wisconsin events

Grassfire Nation offers you the opportunity to receive a PERSONAL WAIVER FOR EXCLUSION FROM OBAMACARE

Heritage Foundation: Bravery and Common Sense Prevail in Wisconsin

"When governors negotiate with unions it's not negotiation, it's more like collusion." However it's labeled, it's the taxpayer who's the patsy." American Thinker 3/10/2011 – Blue Corruption puts Wisconsin in Red

BILL: An Act relating to: state finances, collective bargaining for public employees. (144 page PDF file)

Northwoods Patriots - Standing up for Faith, Family, Country -

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