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Dear Friends,

This is on behalf of Wisconsin's Public School Children, Parents, and Overly-Burdened Taxpayers. Because unions aren’t giving up, ordinary tax-paying citizens shouldn’t give up either. (The Lakeland Times took care of getting the information needed for their area.)

Legislative offices in Madison have received calls from distraught parents telling how their children's teachers are pushing a political agenda relating to our State Budget to captive young students in the classroom. It's crossing the line to drag children into such a contentious discussion. Has this activity occurred in your child’s classroom?

In order to gauge how widespread the problem is of rogue Wisconsin teachers taking liberties with children that are not theirs to take, I would like to know if this is happening in our school district, especially with the pandemic of "teacher flu" in February. Please talk to your children about what is happening in their classrooms. Please let us know if teachers are handing out notes, homework assignments, etc. I would like to have copies of such documents.

Because Governor Walker has called upon public unions to help out our state by making contributions toward their own health care and pensions, there has been a major backlash as demonstrated by the recent trashing of our State Capitol by both in-state and out-of-state protesters.

Do you know of teachers who may be venting their views on the children in our tax-funded public schools? One parent told how a hyper-political teacher in his area is offering students "Extra Credit" for going to the Capitol to protest. (What's the alternative? Getting a bad grade? Teacher wrath for failure to fall in line?) Children in public schools, elementary, middle and high school absolutely should NOT be subjected to unfair treatment where no one dares challenge teachers on any issue for fear of getting a bad grade. When did "protesting" get added to the school requirements list of reading, writing, and arithmetic?

Kids should be focused on their school work, helping their parents and families, church activities, pets, sports, crafts, music, doing charitable work, enjoying their young lives and NOT be subjected to manipulation by powerful teacher unions!!!

If your son or daughter has been subjected to any type of political retribution at the hands of an angry liberal teacher, place a call now to:
1) Alliance Defense Fund for legal assistance -- 1-800-TELL-ADF
2) Liberty Counsel - 1-800-671-1776
3) Pacific Justice Institute - 916-857-6900

When taxpayers – especially elderly couples on fixed incomes that would like to stay in their own homes – hear teachers unions whine about how they are under-appreciated, taxpayers need to remember they "appreciate" teachers to the tune of approximately $50,424 in average teacher salaries for 9-10 months of work (Wis. Blue Book, pg. 666) in addition to very generous healthcare and pension packages that most private sector and retired citizens don't receive.

Wisconsin can't afford it any longer!

Taxpayers, *YOU* have a choice to make.

For taxpayers who would like to see some semblance of normalcy returned to their school districts and this state, you may take action now by stepping forward and doing the following:

1) FILE AN OPEN RECORDS REQUEST (Chapter 19, Wis. Stats.) immediately via email/followed by hard copy letter on your school district requesting:

a) A list of the names of all teachers that called in "sick" during the week of February 14-18, 2011.

b) A copy of all school district employee correspondence relating to the State Budget Repair Bill and the protests at the State Capitol.

c) A list of the salary and compensation packages provided to the teachers under Item A above that found themselves "under the weather" recently.

d) Expense report of any taxpayer dollars used to fund district junkets to Madison

e) Policies on employee disciplinary actions

2) Once you have this information, share it with the property taxpayers in your community and let them decide if this type of irresponsible behavior warrants more of their hard-earned dollars.

Attached above and pasted below is a sample letter you are welcome to use.

Before closing, I will acknowledge that Wisconsin has some very fine teachers that stand and deliver their best each day on behalf of our youth, but it is time for them too to come forward and give their wayward colleagues a much-needed reality check.

Date, 2011
Superintendent/Principal's Name
School District Name

RE: Property Taxpayers Open Records Request

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms.:

Under Chapter 19, Wis. Stats., I would like to receive the following:
1) A list of the names of all teachers and school personnel that called in sick during the week of February 14-18.

2) A copy of all written correspondence exchanged between school district personnel relating to Governor Walker's necessary State Budget Repair Bill and union protests at the State Capitol.

3) A list of salary and benefits provided to the teachers and school personnel referenced in Item #1 above.

4) A copy of the district's disciplinary policy for employees improperly using sick time.

5) A district expense report showing any taxpayer dollars that were used to facilitate district employee participation in the Feb. 14-18 State Capitol budget protests including bus rental, lodging, food, etc.

Should there be any questions regarding this request, do not hesitate to contact me.

I would appreciate receiving this information in a timely manner as stipulated by statute. Please advise in advance if there is a charge for this request of information.


Concerned Property Taxpayer
Street Address

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