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Godfather Politics -- 11/17/2011

John Dewey was instrumental in the philosophical changes that took place in the American education system starting back in the 1920s.  Dewey and others believed that the school system was the perfect place to reshape the nation.  Dewey often said that if you gave him your kids for seven hours a day that he could change the nation.  He taught that the schools should be used to teach children basic socialist ideals and that after two to three generations, those ideals planted in the youth would present a culture in America that could lead to a socialist government.

Two generations after Dewey launched his revision of the American educational system, the nation saw the early socialist teachings in the nationwide protests in the 1960s.  It was a generation that started rejecting the conservative Christian values of their parents.  They succeeded in removing the Bible and prayer from the public schools.  Known as the generation of peace and love, they actually promoted anti-American philosophies.

The public school’s three generations of brainwashing is directly responsible for the uprising against the so-called one percent and the demand that they distribute their wealth and give it to those that have no descent work ethic to provide for themselves.

READER COMMENT: I am Jewish and our laws (Oral Law) the Parent who does not discipline or teach his child to work in every essence “Hates” his child and is a curse to them and the nation as well. This is the fruit of a selfish self centered society. We also have a saying the two most cursed people in Matrimony is the woman who marries a lazy man, or the man who marries a stupid woman! It seems the only real thing this bunch occupies is all four of these positions in society.
1. No discipline
2. Do not know how to function in society (being productive)
3. Lazy
4. Ignorant
They may have occupied Wall Street in a physical form, but these four points are what they occupy in society. They are the product of a selfish generation of parents who gave the education of their children to a Socialist Educational system called “Public Schools”. As My father always said “Education begins and ends at the family table.” We have on our hands today a brain washed generation who have been taught that instant gratification is their right to receive! In fact the very reason many of these do not know how to operate much more than a “gameboy” is because the socialist have removed shop classes from most of the school systems from our educational system! Turning the youth into a prepared generation to become socialist subjects of the liberal regime (socialistic-communist) The only good thing is that statistically liberals do not have as many children as other groups and the liberal women don't get married as much as other women. The reeducation process is in real Parenthood by the parents of which this government is and has been opposed to for a very long time. How else do you explain places like New York City where people buy homes specifically to rent to section 8 housing renters, and places like California where most people can make more drawing Social aid benefits than they can actually working???

READER COMMENT:  Why is it that most of these articles seem to have a problem calling a spade a spade? Socialism, Liberalism, and Progressives are all synonymous with Communism. They need to stop white washing the ideology and call it what it really is, and that's a creeping evil called COMMUNISM.

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