Sunday, November 6, 2011


Time to rid the streets of the Occupy Movement
Alan Caruba,
  • Communist Party, USA
  • American Nazi Party
  • Revolutionary Communist Party
  • Industrial Workers of the World
  • International Bolshevik Tendency
  • International Socialist Organization
  • Marxist Student Union
  • Freedom Road Socialist Organization
  • Party for Socialism and Liberation
  • President Barack Obama
  • Vice President Joe Biden
  • Former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi
  • The Revolutionary Guards of Iran
  • Communist Party of China
  • Louis Farrakhan, National of Islam
  • Black Panthers
There are others but they all have commonalities, not the least of which is a belief in Communism, they are representative of the American Far Left, and have an affinity for class and racial warfare.

There is nothing to recommend its supporters and considerable reason to take action against the movement that claims to be leaderless, but which has already been granted a tax-exempt status as it continues to collect a large bankroll.

The free speech argument has been the initial fall-back position of some mayors, but it is rapidly wearing thin.  (THERE IS NO RIGHT TO BE HEARD—BLOGGER COMMENT)

The Occupy movement . . . The object of its anger is Wall Street, banks, capitalism, and the current economic distress.

Their anger would be better directed against a federal government that is responsible for the 2008 collapse of the housing market and major banking, investment and insurance companies, many of which were bailed out by Congress using the funds of taxpayers, the real 99%.

The youth have cause to be unhappy, but they would be better informed if they understood how poorly they have been served by a debased national educational system and indebtedness brought about by universities that thrive off the student-loan system underwritten by the federal government. Their ignorance of this and so much more is both understandable and deplorable.

. . . many communist organizations and nations support the Occupy movement -- Wall Street is its target.

Northwoods Patriots - Standing up for Faith, Family, Country

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