Wednesday, November 9, 2011

American Thinker -- James Lewis -- 11/7/2011

This is a very interesting article giving the author's pespective on the Occupy Wall Street events and how Democrats relate and respond to those activities.  Click the link above to check out the reader comments.

But liberals everywhere are in denial about the new totalitarianism, which is exactly like the old totalitarianism. 
What does that tell you about the chances of the Democrats next year?
Political suicide, anybody?
And yet -- Obama keeps performing these symbolic insults to his own country.  He did his deep bows for the cameras to medieval King Abdullah and President Hu, a man who ruled Occupied Tibet with an iron fist.  Wanna Occupy something?  Go to Tibet, and see what a real Occupation looks like.
Another one of Obama's up-yours! gestures was his imitation Karl Marx speech in Berlin, starting with "Citizens of the World!" -- a cynical echo of "Workers of the World!" 

READER COMMENT:   It makes me wonder how polls keep showing such high approval numbers for the won. From the beginning his goals seemed drastically clear and completely unAmerican. Three years have constantly proven and emphasized that fact. The rule of law has given way to the corruption of obama and his unrestrained czars and DOJ. Had I ever been a supporter of this socialist, the illogic of spending our way out of debt would have forever alienated me. With co-conspiritors such as Pelosi, Reid and most notably Holder and Napolitano, spouting their skewed logic and selective enforcement mantras completely bypassing the constitution, it HAS to be self evident that we are allowing criminals and maniacs to attempt to run the country. To attempt to RULE!  With their support and encouragement of the OWS groups around the country and fanning those flames to incite riots and anarchy, what will it take to return the nation to the rule of law? Will the veterans march on 11-11-11 remain peaceful when so few have usurped the authority of the people? Is that the devious plan of the won to enact some form of marshall law to retain his illegally gained office? Since congress and the...

READER COMMENT:  Obama's "black" shield has prevented normal criticism and judgment of an American President's actions. I recommend that we just treat him as we did Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon. When you reach the highest, most important leadership role in this country you no longer merit the soft expectations of people elevated by Affirmative Action policies. Black or white, players in the NFL have to produce or they are released. Race is irrelevant: performance at the highest level is paramount. You don't, and shouldn't, get an Ivy League "pass."

READER COMMENT:  Never underestimate your adversary.  Obama's blatant arrogance with the OWS minions ought to greatly concern us as to what he has up his sleave for the elections.  This is not stupidity on his part, but calculated and it is obvious Obama knows the crowds are offensive to the general public.  However, the anti-capitalists are Obama and it is just another 'in your American face' display of arrogance.  This behavior means he already has plans to not play by conventional rules in the coming election.  He will use an iron fist to win if he has to.  The coming election cyle may be when he comes front and center out of his closet and we see him for the dictator that he truly is.

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