Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Has Barak Obama earned our support for re-election? 

In 2008 he promised that if we elected him, his presidency would salve the wounds of racial division that have plagued our nation since reconstruction.   Four years later not only is the racial divide greater than at any time in recent history, but  it has been augmented by a gender gap and class warfare all actively encouraged by an administration that was supposed to unite us.  

Candidate Obama promised a transparent administration, but during deliberations on his signature legislation, healthcare reform, Republicans were literally locked out of participation in the negotiations.   And to add to the new “openness,” the candidate also promised that all bills would be posted on the internet for at least five days prior to his signing them into law as President.  Not one bill has so appeared and even Democrat legislators who voted for the new Affordable Care Act have admitted to not having read it before voting for it.  

Mr. Obama promised in 2008 that if the economic stimulus package were passed, he would be able to keep unemployment below 8% by pouring money into infrastructure where there were thousands of “shovel ready jobs.”  The unemployment rate has held at 8.3 percent until Sept. of this year and even then dropped to only 7.8%.  In the end, even Pres. Obama openly admitted that the jobs were not as “shovel ready” as he had imagined.

As President, Mr. Obama promised that the 2010 Census would be completely independent, but when 2010 rolled around, he hired Acorn to conduct it, a company that had been indicted in fourteen states for voter fraud and other illegal activities.

Instead of defending the Constitution, Pres. Obama has a remarkable track record of trying to circumvent it.  When “Cap & Trade” was voted down in the Senate, he ordered the EPA to issue a ruling enacting it.  When the administration’s plans to regulate the internet were rejected in both houses of Congress and the courts, Pres. Obama ordered the FCC simply to reclassify it.  When the Debt Commission was rejected by the Senate, Pres. Obama merely issued an executive order creating it.  And, finally, when both the House and Senate passed legislation lifting the prohibition on drilling in the Gulf, the administration re-imposed it by another executive order.   

What makes this election the most important in our lifetime is the fact that in past elections we could say, at most, that we were at a “fork” in the road.  Democrats and Republicans were not terribly far apart; both basically supported free market capitalism and the Constitution.  But today we are at a “T” section:  a vote for Pres. Obama and the Democrats means a continuation of the social radicalization of our society and an economy directed by an all-powerful central authority.  A vote for Romney/Ryan and the Republicans means a return to minimal government interference in our free market economy and a tax system that encourages broader participation and individual freedom. 

Vote for freedom!  Elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan! 
Phelps, WI
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