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Kincaid: New film exposes radical Muslim ‘Deception’
GOP USA – Cliff Kincaid – 10/29/2012
In terms of gaining acceptance in the U.S., Muhammad said the Muslim campaign against “Islamophobia” is deliberately modeled after the successful homosexual campaign to promote gay rights by railing against “homophobia.” He said the Muslim militants reject homosexuality but have entered into an alliance with homosexual and left-wing groups for political reasons under the guise of “civil rights.” He said their attitude is, “Once we seize power, we will deal with them [the homosexuals].”

Muhammad said Muslim leaders here and abroad have studied and copied communist methods of infiltrating and penetrating America and other Western nations. “They have studied the tactics of the far left,” he said.

In other cases of “self-censorship,” in order to stave off charges of “Islamophobia,” the film notes that:
  • Publishing giant Random House killed a book in 2008 about the Islam Prophet Muhammad’s relationship with his child bride.
  • Yale University Press published a book about Danish cartoons said to be offensive to Islam without publishing the cartoons themselves.
  • An episode of Comedy Central’s animated cartoon series “South Park” was deleted from the Internet because of threats over its depiction of Muhammad.
The film, near the end, shows Muslim Student Association supporter Amir Abdel Malik Ali having a student audience repeat a Muslim Brotherhood “pledge of allegiance” that ends with the statement, “I will die to establish Islam.”

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