Thursday, December 19, 2013


Obamacare is rationing care by cutting hospitals from insurance networks – Jennifer Popik – 12/18/2013

Despite numerous and repeated assurances from President Obama that if you liked your insurance plan you could keep it, hundreds of thousands who have had individual health insurance policies that were terminated against their will are finding that the replacement policies available in the state and federal “exchanges” typically severely restrict the doctors and health care facilities in their plan networks.

The polling is confirming a new and growing reality–American’s current insurance plans are gradually disappearing, while the new Obamacare exchange plans are going to be more restrictive, with less access to doctors and healthcare centers with specialized expertise and high reputations for providing effective life-saving medical treatment.

In a December 13, 2013, Wall Street Journal article, Timothy W. Martin explains
“According to the McKinsey report, which looked at federal and state‑run insurance exchanges in 20 cities including Los Angeles, Atlanta and Houston, about 60% of health plans offer coverage at a smaller number of hospitals than comparable current individual plans. McKinsey identified 120 health plans in those markets by examining federal and state exchange filings, as well as provider information listed on individual insurer and hospital websites. Some of these new plans limit coverage to one or two large hospitals.

“The number of hospitals accepting insurance from a consumer who buys coverage on the exchange could be 60% lower than the number of hospitals in current individual plans, according to the McKinsey report, which included the 20 largest hospitals in each market that it measured.”

While many are quick to blame insurers, the real culprit is the Obamacare requirement that exchange bureaucrats exclude insurers who offer policies deemed that allow “excessive or unjustified” health care spending.
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