Friday, December 27, 2013


States to seize estates to payback cost of Medicaid
Godfather Politics – Dave Jolly – 12/26/2013

It’s possible that if Sofia Prins of Port Townsend, Washington had not read the fine print for her fiancĂ©’s, Gary Balhorn, Medicaid application. What she read shocked her as it said that if you’re 55 or older and receive Medicaid, the state can require your estate to pay back coverage after you die.  Prins realized that in the truest sense, Medicaid is not free insurance, rather it is a loan against a person’s estate.

The Seattle Times picked up their story and word started to spread.  In states like Washington, the lower Medicaid standards are allowing more Americans to qualify for Medicaid.  If they do, they are then not eligible for any of the federal subsidy for the purchase of healthcare.

So if you are 55 to 64 and receiving Medicaid, you had best warn your heirs that the state you live in may be coming for all or part of your estate to recover the cost of your free healthcare.  If they want to know why this is being enforced more now than in the past, remind them that Obama has always been about redistributing the wealth.  By that I meant he wants redistribute it from us to the government.  Therefore, you’re better off spending it all or giving to your family while you are still alive so there is no estate for them to seize.

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