Friday, May 9, 2014


Obama’s Economy in Action !  Just 17 PERCENT of college grads have real jobs waiting
Daily Caller – Eric Owens – 5/9/2014

Overall, the survey says, a paltry 17 percent of students have managed to land any kind of real job. That’s as of April.

Not surprisingly, given the need to make a living and pay off onerous student loans for the next few decades, 73 percent of the college seniors surveyed said they would very much like to have a job.

Even students who chose to major in in-demand career fields have reported serious trouble finding work, according to the AfterCollege survey. Among seniors who are about to get degrees in engineering, math and technology, for example, 81.6 percent are still seeking jobs.

Among business majors, just over 85 percent are still furiously and fruitlessly sending out resumes.

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