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Are you opposed to Common Core teaching in Wisconsin’s public schools or not?  If you are opposed, please read the following and respond to Karen Schroeder (see below for her e-mail and the information she needs from you).


Dear Friends Fighting Common Core in Wisconsin:

Our legislators have proposed bills that will replace Common Core Standards several years from now. This is not acceptable. We need your help to encourage legislators to eliminate Common Core Standards and all federally aligned curriculum and tests from Wisconsin schools NOW!  If you are willing to help by signing the letter that follows this message, PLEASE RESPOND BY JANUARY 4, 2013! and send permission to include your name to:  

INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING WITH YOUR PERMISSION:  (1)  Your first and last name.  (2)  How you would like to be identified (concerned taxpayer, teacher of Middle Town School, President of The Best Company in Wisconsin, Parent of three school age children, etc.) and (3) Your city and zip code.   ALL SIGNATORIES MUST LIVE IN WISCONSIN.

Once signatures are gathered, each legislator and the Governor will receive a hand-delivered copy of the letter listing all those who sign on to this letter. The more signatures we have, the better. Encourage friends and family to participate and to help bring an end to Common Core in Wisconsin.


Dear (Legislators):

We the undersigned request that Common Core Standards and all federally aligned curricula and testing be removed from Wisconsin’s educational systems NOW!   State legislators are responsible for providing the front-line of defense against federal intrusion into state autonomy of education. Please correct mistakes made when Wisconsin legislators passed funding and other pieces of legislation that supported the implementation of Common Core Standards and the federally aligned curricula and testing.

Historically, the longer a federal program has been ingrained into the educational system, the more difficult it becomes to remove the initiative. Once the testing begins in 2014-2015, Common Core will be fully implemented. Testing drives all curricula. Thus, it is essential that all federally funded and supported standards, curricula, and testing be removed NOW! 

Wisconsinites want our own set of standards.  That will only happen when legislators remove the roadblocks they created which limit the effective implementation of local control of schools.

Many of the undersigned have tried to meet with school board members to discuss Common Core. When school leadership believes that funding is dependent upon the implementation of Common Core, school boards often place walls in the paths of citizens and other board members who wish to exercise local control. Wisconsin’s legislators created this problem through funding bills that provide money for the implementation of specific aspects of Common Core; therefore, legislators are responsible for correcting this problem immediately.

Under local control of schools, the state Department of Public Instruction has the responsibility to develop a baseline set of standards that each school district may enrich. Given the dissatisfaction with the current Wisconsin standards, legislators have the authority to demand that the DPI find a replacement set of standards that schools may adopt immediately so textbooks can be purchased this summer and the curriculum and testing can be implemented in the fall of the 2014-2015 school year. 

Legislative bodies have the right to inform the DPI that the Massachusetts English and math standards have allowed Massachusetts’ students to excel in English and math for many years. The legislators have a right to inform the DPI that the people of Wisconsin have consistently shown support for the Massachusetts standards. They also have the right to encourage the DPI to develop baseline standards for Wisconsin by using Massachusetts standards as a guideline.

We are pleased with the two pieces of proposed legislation that limit the sharing of student data and provide protections from biometric data collection:  LRB-3694/C and LRB-3165-R.

Please include language that requires the state and local schools to provide parents with accurate, complete, yet, simply stated descriptions of any mechanical devices that may be used in the testing, a list of the types of information the district intends to gather, the intended use of that information by educators, and a list of persons or organizations that will have access to the data once collected. Thank you for requiring parents to opt-in before any state or federally aligned biometric testing can occur.


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