Wednesday, January 8, 2014


IPCC-fail:  Tropical ‘hotspot’ refuted by latest empirical evidence – experts wrong - AGAIN

A new C3 Headlines article provides a look at the most recent satellite based temperature empirical data. (Through Dec. 2013)

Here's a couple excerpts and a summarizing chart from that article:
IPCC-Fail: Tropical 'Hotspot' Refuted By Latest Empirical Evidence - Experts Wrong, Again

"The IPCC's catastrophic AGW (CAGW) hypothesis is based on the prediction that human CO2 emissions would produce a "hotspot" in the atmosphere above the tropics. This hotspot was identified by the IPCC as the penultimate evidence that global warming was accelerating, causing a "tipping point" cascade of catastrophic events."

"The tropical hotspot trends are lower than the global atmospheric trend and the global surface trend - a magnificent and spectacular fail of IPCC climate "science."

"The simple, indisputable, scientific summary after 35 years of empirical evidence:
The tropical, runaway hotspot did not happen in spite of massive amounts of CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere; ergo, the IPCC was wrong, again; the billion-dollar climate model predictions were wrong, again; alarmist, agenda-driven scientists' claims of climate doomsday were wrong, again; and, the fanatical anti-CO2 green lobby was wrong, as always."

READER COMMENT:  Actually some of us call it the FlopSpot!!

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