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Reject homosexuality-affirming “education”
Illinois Family Institute – Laurie Higgins – 12/30/2013

“Progressives” wax jubilant over the sexual revolution that continues unabated and has rapidly moved into the arena of celebrating perversion. As with abortion, many in our culture who don’t have seeing eyes or hearing ears fail to notice that we are no better than earlier foolish, brutish cultures that deviated from truth to embrace perversion and death. The difference now is in the sophistication— technological, aesthetic, and intellectual—with which purveyors of deceit are able to promote life-killing lies. The lies are sanitized by pseudo-intellectualism, prettified by untrue imagery, and diminished by clever and/or crude humor. Then comes the coup de grace: ad hominem attacks, false accusations, and threats of loss of employment.

In their ignorance or tactical savvy, “progressives” refuse to address the causes for this rapid shift. It hasn’t been some organic, evolutionary movement in the direction of truth. Simplistically, the causes are that “progressives” captured Hollywood, academia, and the mainstream press. Once the Left became “the man,” they started wielding their power the way “the man” always wields power.

They silence dissent and propagandize. Ironically, those practices are most obvious in the place where the naïve and idealistic would least expect it: our not-so-hallowed halls of learning. The first educational institutions to succumb to censorship, indoctrination, and oppression were our colleges and universities.

Then Leftist sexuality dogmatists came for our high school students, and now they’re taking aim at our littlest ones through “bullying prevention” activities,comprehensive” sex ed, and discussions of “family diversity.”

“Family diversity” is a euphemistic term used to expose kindergartners to deviant family structures in a positive way. The view that families headed by homosexuals are equivalent to families headed by a heterosexual couples is not an objective fact, and yet it’s presented as one in public schools.

This view is a non-factual, subjective assumption, and yet it’s the only one our schools present.

Public school teachers and administrators defend their propagation of this ontological and moral belief by claiming that they don’t want any child to “feel bad.” But it’s not the task of government schools to help students “feel good” about all their life circumstances. And the goal of helping students “feel good” about their life circumstances must never extend to propagating subjective controversial (and false) ontological and moral beliefs.

Yet another false and subjective belief increasingly propagated in public schools is the belief that gender confusion is not disordered. In their deference to and fear of Leftist organizations, elementary schools are now beginning to allow children to use bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond to the opposite sex.

The Left has yet to answer this question:

If gender confused children should not be compelled to use facilities with those whose subjective gender “identity” they don’t share, then why should other children (i.e., those who don’t suffer from gender confusion) be compelled to use facilities with those whose objective biological sex they don’t share?

In the good old days before the sexual revolution had taken root in the halls of learning and power, parents could trust that their children’s teachers would espouse and promote not just knowledge but wisdom and moral truth. Not so any more.

In myriad subtle and not so subtle ways, today’s teachers in our government schools espouse and promote false and destructive ideas that harm children and the future of this country.

I saw it firsthand when my children attended and I worked at Deerfield High School in Deerfield, Illinois. If you look just at test scores, it’s an excellent school, and it had many superb teachers. But a close look behind the curtain revealed a toxic environment of censorship and malignant gossip about any colleague or parent who dared to express dissenting views on the nature and morality of homosexuality.

Many have probably read about the math teacher at Neuqua Valley High School, Hemant Mehta, who in his spare time works feverishly on his blog, The Friendly Atheist, where he demonstrates a condescending distaste for all things religious, particularly Christianity, often in language far more offensive than the two anatomically correct terms that got Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson in a peck of trouble. Mehta’s been in the news lately for trying unsuccessfully to donate money to the Morton Grove Park Board after they lost funding from the American Legion who objected to a board member who refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mehta, the not-so-friendly atheist, also has guest writers who promote a host of lousy ideas including public acceptance of polyamory (Click HERE, and HERE and take note that these were written over four years ago. They’re no Johnny-come-latelies to the sexual anarchy parade.) So, in his free time, this role model for other people’s children is promoting hostility toward Christianity and goodwill toward sexual deviance.

Some IFI readers may be familiar with the homosexual high school English teacher from Maine, Rich Robinson, about whom I wrote several months ago. As you may remember, because he has concluded that homoerotic “love” is normal and good and that homosexual acts are moral, he feels justified in using his publicly subsidized position to advance those assumptions and censor all competing views. Despite requesting that he cease emailing me, he continues unabated, harassing me with weekly emails that order me to admit I hate homosexuals. Since I have never felt hatred for those who experience same-sex attraction, nor expressed hatred for those who choose to act on those feelings, what he’s really saying is that my expression of the belief that homosexual acts are perverse constitutes hatred of persons. Of course, if biblical beliefs about gender and sexuality are objectively true, asserting them is not an act of hatred but one of love.

It all comes down to what is true.

The teachers mentioned here don’t even scratch the surface of the problem, let alone get to its dark underbelly. Teachers who lack both wisdom and a proper understanding of their roles as public educators (including the limitations thereof) line the halls of academia. The problem is not insoluble, but solving it will take both time and courage. Those who have children in school now or will have children in school shortly need to find alternatives to public education. And churches need to think creatively about alternative ways to educate children in their faith communities as well as help make these alternatives affordable. This should be a mission field for churches. The need is urgent.

Finally, all who care about the health and welfare of children and this country need to become involved in the education of children. Whether you contribute your time, expertise, and money to establishing affordable church-based schools or run for your local school board, please in this coming year, commit to involving yourself in the project of raising up a God-fearing generation of children.

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