Monday, January 13, 2014


Confronting Bully school boards about Common Core
Freedom Outpost – Karen Schroeder – 1/13/2014

Some state educational leaders have suggested threatening parents with a call to Child Protective Services if they opt their kids out of Common Core curricula or testing. They would charge these parents with “educational neglect.” 

Citizens do not have to tolerate this abuse. A friend who recently attended a training session for newly elected school board members was given The Key Work of School Boards Guidebook.  The book was written by the National School Board Association in 2009 and focuses upon the importance of modeling the behavior that board members expect from others. Board members are encouraged to “articulate values such as respect for others, civility, integrity, and inclusion.” 

If writing to your state school board association does not provide a solution, contact an attorney who specializes in Constitutional law. Advocates for Academic Freedom works with Attorney Jeff Scott Olson who explains that the law might permit a successful suit under the First Amendment, but there is certainly no guarantee of a quick result. “Anyone who had been kept from speaking could be a prospective plaintiff.” Sometimes, a simple notification from such an attorney will solve the problem for a relatively minimal cost.

Most bullies back down and adopt more acceptable behavior once confronted. These issues are too important for citizens to remain silent or to allow their freedoms to be undermined. Citizens who refuse or neglect to spend the energy, time, or money needed to protect their freedoms can expect someone to take those freedoms from them.

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