Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Is America's Fall Inevitable?
Eagle Rising – Michael Reisig – 6/17/2014

Truth is told in the entire article - here's just two paragraphs.

No nation can stand strong without integrity and the deep abiding respect of its people. In just 30 years we have destroyed nationalism in this country. We have sold our way of life – the foundations of morality, religion, and virtue – to accommodate and glorify ethnicity and religious creeds from lands that had absolutely no significant contact with America in its first 300 years. Even worse, we are becoming a land of faithless clones with their hands continually out, demanding more, giving less. The loudest voices are being appeased at the cost of the majority. We’ve sacrificed our position as the world’s greatest manufacturer (and the millions of jobs that went with that) for cheap flat screen TVs, cell phones, and computers. And the great “breadbasket” that we used to be, is filled with a new kind of weevils – incredibly dangerous additives we add to breads, inject into our beef and pork, and spray on our vegetables and fruits – all in the name of more production and more money, and all with the back room blessings of the FDA and its harlots in Congress. The individual farmer is going the way of the Dodo Bird, and small towns, founded on hard work and integrity are drying up.

What took Rome several hundred years, we have managed in less than 75 – the dissolution of a society, and the eminent collapse of a nation – all thanks to blind, politically correct hysteria combined with a new sense of national gluttony, and the indulgence of the most corrupt government in the history of this nation.

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