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Obama, Biden, Rice and Queer Foreign Policy
Freedom Outpost – Suzanne Hamner – 6/25/2014

In case you missed it, "sodomite rights" and protecting the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community was one of America's "toughest foreign policy challenges," according to National Security Adviser Susan Rice. Following on the heels of Rice, Joe Biden, the occupant of the Vice President seat, it was announced that President Barack Hussein Obama has instructed US diplomats to "press for more international acceptance of gay rights." Biden's rationale for this move is that the mark of a civilized nation rests in its support of the LGBT community.

According to the Washington Times, Biden, in his speech to political leaders, stated, "[Gay Rights] are the civil rights issue of our day" and any "civilized country" should consider it a core duty to protect the LGBT community from persecution.

It's a pity our nation's leaders don't see the inhumanity in female genital mutilation, the beheading of those who refuse to follow Islam, the kidnapping and murdering of Christian girls in Nigeria, the persecution of a Christian woman and her children because of her renouncement of Islam, the brutal punishments under Sharia law or the marriage of female children to grown men. No, those things pale in comparison to the persecution suffered by the LGBT community throughout the world according to Biden and Rice. The basic human rights violations against women occurring around the world are of no consequence to these two individuals.

Biden, in his speech on Tuesday evening, highlighted the Lithuanian government's move to follow the same legislative path as Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, in enacting laws and penalties for homosexual behavior in public. He also took issue with the ban on homosexual acts that are part of 80 countries legal system. Naturally, Biden praised the US for the direction it was taking on this issue. He contends that change is being made in America because more and more members of the LGBT community were gaining courage to stand up.

It would benefit many of Americans for the government to list what rights of the LGBT community are being violated. Obviously, these citizens have the right to free speech, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly so that's not being violated.

However, their over-zealous attempts to make the rest of America believe they do not infringes on these same rights of Americans who disagree with their stance. Just ask Colorado baker Jack Phillips about his free exercise of religion when it comes to his profession and right to conduct business.

Those who speak out against homosexual acts, not the homosexual person, are defamed and paraded as homophobic or worse. Those who worry for the immortal soul of homosexuals and potential death of homosexuals at the hands of the followers of Islam are portrayed as "calling for the death of homosexuals" and hating homosexuals. That's what has happened to Bradlee Dean when MSNBC's Rachel Maddow decided to defame his character with a twisted edit of his comments regarding Muslims and homosexuals.

And let's not forget the violation of the rights of women and female children with laws governing the use of public restroom facilities by transgender individuals enacted by some states.

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