Monday, June 30, 2014


Wisconsin school district dumps common core and increases student enrollment
Political Outcast – Karen Schroeder – 6/25/2014

This will not cause financial problems for the district because Germantown did not purchase Common Core aligned texts. Once the new standards are written, the district will use current dollars budgeted for new texts to purchase curriculum that will meet the expectations of the citizens of Germantown and meet the need of the students in Germantown.

Increased use of technology will be saving the district a lot of dollars normally spent on heavy, quickly outdated textbooks. Medved stated that the district will be relying on the Chromebook, a new, faster computer textbook that is inexpensive to update.

According to Mr. Medved, the Germantown district is considering opting out of the federally aligned tests. If the district finds it cannot opt-out, it will be up to the parents to opt their children out of the testing. Germantown schools would prefer continuing using the MAPS tests to assess student progress. Germantown is working with legislators to obtain a waiver from testing and for finding alternative ways to report progress in the state report card.

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