Thursday, July 17, 2014


Walker:  Repeal Common Core
Watch Dog – M. D. Kittle – 7/17/2014

That was the response late Thursday from opponents of the controversial Common Core State Standards after Gov. Scott Walker announced he wants Wisconsin to do away with the nationalized education template.
Walker’s statement was short and direct.

“Today, I call on the members of the State Legislature to pass a bill in early January to repeal Common Core and replace it with standards set by people in Wisconsin,” the governor said.


Those supporters of Common Core claim that Common Core is a huge improvement over the previous standards. What they're really admitting is that they really didn't do anything to improve education in Wisconsin prior to Common Core. The new bill should include input from more than just the DPI. Get real educators, not just those involved in theory, and PARENTS and the broad community involved in formulating new standards. The DPI can no longer make decisions for hundreds of thousands of children and local taxpayers paying the bill. This process must be shared along with the decision. Tony Evers, by not involving the legislature in the very beginning, has demonstrated that he and his department cannot be trusted with this very important function.

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