Thursday, July 17, 2014


Liberals delusional about the border
Godfather Politics – Tad Cronn – 7/16/2014

The Obama Administration is basically in free fall. The difference between this and other lame-duck administrations is that Obama has gone off road and decided that he can order everybody around like a king. And kings are all about image.
Krauthammer said, "The president has to have this (the border crisis) stopped because it contributes to the story, showing all the other elements abroad and at home that his administration is incompetent, out of control and unable to control anything."

As happens so often with Obama, his pragmatic demagoguery is at odds with his narcissism. On the one hand, political survival, even for a lame duck, would suggest that a solution is needed for the border. His narcissism and Alinskyite training, however, are pushing him to milk the crisis to get something he wants while pinning all the blame on his political enemies.
So far, his narcissism is winning.

Consequently, his flying monkeys like Reid are out casting illusions about how great things are, and the human tragedy keeps coming across our border.

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