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America’s Socialistic public education system coming under increased criticism
Godfather Politics – Dave Jolly – 7/2/2014

In 1979, another liberal Democratic president by the name of Jimmy Carter, separated the education part of the DHEW and made it its own Cabinet position as the Department of Education.

Since that time, the ED (DOE is used for the Department of Energy) has grown from 3,000 employees with an annual budget of $12 billion to nearly 4,200 and annual budget of $77.4 billion and growing.

If you want to know just how vital and important the Department of Education is, consider the fact that in the Sequestration government shutdown last year, nearly 95% of the ED employees were furloughed because they were deemed non-essential. They furloughed 3,983 of their 4,195 employees, leaving a mere 212 people to run the entire department.

Another Rasmussen Report shows that parental support of Common Core has been steadily declining. Last November, 52% of parents with kids in elementary or secondary school favored requiring all schools to adhere to the Common Core Standards. In the most recent survey, only 34% said yes to the same question, a drop of 18% in only 7 months. Seven months ago, 42% of the parents said Common Core would help improve student performance. That has dropped to 37%.

If you are a parent of a child in the public education system, you have the responsibility to find out what your child(ren) are being taught and what they are not allowed to have access to. If the school won’t cooperate, it’s time for you to seriously consider the options of homeschooling or private schooling, if at all possible.

If you don’t take an active role in your child’s public education, you have only yourself to blame. Their future is in your hands. If you blindly turn them over to the public schools, don’t be surprised when he/she/they grow up to be good government loving socialists who turn away from all of your religious and moral values and principles.

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