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WI GOP Lawmakers:  Don’t bring undocumented children to state
Watch Dog – Adam Tobias – 7/25/2014

MADISON, Wis. — Republican State Rep. David Craig is worried about the potential for a public health crisis coming to Wisconsin.

NOT IN WISCONSIN: State Rep. David Craig and three other Republican state lawmakers have asked the federal government not to bring undocumented children to Wisconsin.

That’s one of the reasons he and three other state GOP lawmakers wrote a letter Thursday asking the Department of Homeland Security to withdraw its request for Wisconsin to shelter hundreds of undocumented children who have crossed the Mexican border illegally.

“What are we bringing into our state when we have so many diseases internationally that used to be dormant and are now on the resurgence with some strain?” Craig, R-Vernon, told Wisconsin Reporter on Friday. “Is the federal government going through any review whatsoever of the health condition of the children, given the sheer volume of children that we are talking about?”

But the health implications are unclear to some parties because the federal government is “neglecting its obligation to uphold the law while failing to provide adequate information to state officials,” according to the letter, which was also penned by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Burlington; and state Reps. Joel Kleefisch, R-Oconomowoc, and John Nygren, R-Marinette.

Craig said interaction between the feds and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the state Department of Children and Families has been minimal.

“From what we can tell, the relationship between the federal authorities and the state authorities is basically nothing,” Craig told Wisconsin Reporter. “So, the federal government is being very secretive about all of these things.”

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  1. We are rewarding these illegals for unacceptable behavior. This only encourages the parents in Mexico to keep sending their kids up here to suck up government freebies.