Saturday, June 8, 2013


Bombshell:  Document Examiner tied to Obama Defense Attorney says Birth Certificate is 100% Fraud
Freedom Outpost - Tim Brown - 6/8/2013

Interesting article - this is only one glimpse.

Taitz recently had her docket denied by Judge Lamberth because she used a pen, instead of a black marker to perform redacting on a document. “Big deal!” she wrote on Friday. “Monday morning he will have the same motion staring at him with black marker and not pen redacting. 

Lamberth did not indicate any other reasons, which means that within a short period of time we will get the original application to this Connecticut Social Security number of Harrison J. Bounel 042-68-4425. Now Lamberth has zero justification to deny it, as I have proven that the owner of the Social Security number that Obama is using would be 123 years old today and by SSA’s own 120 year rule they are obligated to give me his application even without his consent and without any proof that he is deceased.  

We have Obama cornered, I have his tax returns with his signature under the stolen Social Security number, I do not tell witnesses not to testify for others, I do not hide important evidence and I cannot be bought or intimidated by anything or anyone.”

Document Examiner tied to Obama defense attorney says birth certificate is 100% fraud
Minute Man News - 6/9/2013

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