Thursday, February 16, 2012


Gutting the Bill of Rights, One Amendment at a Time
American Thinker – Joseph Smith – 2/11/2012

If Mr. LaPierre sounds alarmist on the Second Amendment, look no further than the profoundly disturbing turn of events regarding the First Amendment:
The subjugation of religious freedom to the force of ObamaCare was entirely predictable, but is nonetheless stunning in the reality.  

The American Spectator's George Neumayr, captures the "deformed heart" of ObamaCare:

The social engineers of Obamacare will determine the birth control methods of the unwashed. They will dictate the terms of man's beginning through eugenic abortion and his end through death panels.

The President's assault on the Second Amendment is no less predictable, but with some 80 million gun owners in the United States will be all the more stunning in the reality.

The President said last fall "Where Congress won't act, I will."
Think he's kidding now?

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