Sunday, February 19, 2012


A young mother was pushing the shopping cart through Wal-Mart.  He two-year old son occupied the cart’s kid seat.  Still too young to be prescribed Ritalin, the two-year old constantly screamed that he wanted this and he wanted that; toys, candy, sugar-rich cereals – each time his mother said no the boy would accuse of her of being mean.  Yet, she patiently wiped the excessive snot from his nose as she tried to comfort him and talk to him on an adult-level, clearly explaining the potentially harmful consequences of making bad choices. 

Although other shoppers were quite annoyed with the demanding little demon in the cart, his mother was very patient.  She was the eldest of thirteen siblings so she knew that the child was just going through his very immature stages and that caving-in to every demand would not only make the child an intolerable brat, but would eventually put an imposition on society because of his criminal behavior, drug and/or alcohol abuse or numerous other malaises. 

The young mother had watched her mother and father nurture and care for her brothers and sisters as the couple laid-down strict guidelines for their offspring.  The young mother had also learned a great deal from her grandmother and grandfather about patience, thriftiness, virtue, and honesty. 

She didn’t know her great grandparents; they passed away before she was born.  But she had heard numerous heart-warming stories about them and stories about their parents.  She appreciated how hard they worked in order to provide for their families and what few comforts they had because of their first priority; their family – she retained that innate appreciation for all their struggles and sacrifices, which eventually led to her own family’s comfort.

Putting this into a political perspective, the two-year old is the liberal ideologue who would fill the shopping cart with items they don't need, no matter how unlikely it is that his mother could afford to pay for it; that's not any of his concern.  The young mother represents the more mature, level-headed, conservative who must say no no matter how much whining, fusing and name-calling she has to endure from the brat.  

Consider seriously, which one would be more apt to push their grandmother and her wheelchair off a cliff just to get what they want or perhaps just to make a point? The screaming, demanding child or the patient, virtuous mother?  Which one removed $500 billion from Medicare to pay for their own pet program? 

Now, just because you may not be an inconvenient grandmother in a wheelchair or yet depending on Medicare, that doesn't mean you won't be sent over the cliff sooner or later if you haven't been already.   

Please vote responsibly in 2012!  Vote as if your life, soul, and livelihood depended on it because it most certainly does! 

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