Saturday, February 25, 2012


It’s Time to Hold Obama Administration Accountable
GOP USA – Roger Aronoff – 2/22/2012

While the mainstream media are still overwhelmingly intent on seeing Barack Obama reelected as President, a number of journalists and news organizations are apparently having second thoughts. Or at least they are willing to examine the claims and representations that the Obama administration continues to put forth. This has been the surprising case regarding Obama’s State of the Union address in late January and the budget that he proposed in mid-February. Hopefully this may mark a turning point in how the media allow themselves to be used by the Obama administration, but don’t count on it. More likely it is isolated incidents of self-respect, and an acknowledgement that they can differentiate between normal political spin and outright lies.

This is a long article that gives a few examples of media actually questioning claims made by President Obama, especially claims made during the State of the Union Address.

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