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American Thinker – Janet Levy – 2/11/2012

Although FBI investigative reports delineate serious allegations of corruption and voter registration fraud by ACORN, the Obama administration in 2009 shut down a criminal investigation of the group without filing criminal charges.  The Obama administration claimed that ACORN broke no laws and had merely engaged in "questionable hiring and training practices."  In the 1990s, Obama worked for ACORN, procuring funding, training its leaders, and representing the organization in court.

In 2011, Judicial Watch traced additional federal money from the Obama administration to ACORN spinoffs, despite laws prohibiting funding to ACORN.  Judicial Watch also reported that "70 ACORN employees in 12 states have been convicted of voter registration fraud" and that "of the 1.3 million registrations Project Vote/ACORN submitted in the 2008 election cycle, more than one third were invalid."  ACORN/Project Vote activists have been caught or accused of destroying Republican registrations and filing duplicate registrations or registrations for deceased or fictional people.

The historic levels of food stamp usage -- one out of every seven Americans -- the effort by the Obama administration to increase usage, and the drive to register aid recipients provide perfect conditions for voter registration fraud, especially since Project Vote opposes fraud protections in voter registration and elections in several states.

In all but three states, the Secretary of State (SOS) serves as the chief election officer, who certifies candidates and election results.  In 35 states, this is an elected position; in 12 states, the governor appoints the SOS.  SOS responsibilities include conducting the election, enforcing election rules, determining precinct locations, establishing Election Day procedures, and allocating and ensuring the security of voting machines.  Additionally, secretaries of state purge voter rolls and register new voters.  In other words, they decide who can vote, how they will vote, and which ballots are counted.  The SOS serves a vital role in ensuring the legitimacy of each election, weeding out fraud and prohibiting voter intimidation or coercion.

The most extensive and prominent organization of this type is the Houston-based True the Vote (TTV).  "True the Vote was founded to provide a coordinated program through which American citizens can participate in the support of free and fair elections."

 . . . identified opportunities for intervention: monitoring voter registration and validating its legitimacy, verifying voter-roll accuracy, ensuring that citizens know their rights, and improving competence through proper training of poll workers.  TTV began to track and chronicle their observations and chart pervasive problems in order to improve the process and spearhead election law changes.  The organization has uncovered gross incompetence, massive fraud, blatant lack of checks and balances on absentee ballots, and other serious impediments to a free and fair election process. 

True the Vote has succeeded in expanding its reach to include citizen-led voter integrity projects in 32 states

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