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Author, Scientist and Ecologist Dr. Michael Coffman Gives Overview on Land Use in Wisconsin at the Eagle River Inn
(Eagle River, WI) – Area officials, representatives and citizens are invited to a presentation by Dr. Michael Coffman Tuesday April 17 at Eagle River Inn. This event is free and open to the public. It will begin at 6:30 pm.

Dr. Coffman is a highly respected scientist and ecologist who has been involved in ecosystem research for over twenty years in both academia and industry. He has taught courses and conducted research in forest ecology and forest community dynamics for ten years at Michigan Technological University--a leading forestry school in the Midwest. While there, he published a book on forest ecosystem classification in Upper Michigan and Northern Wisconsin, which has become the standard for classification in the region. He also assisted the U.S. Forest Service in developing an Ecological Land Classification System for each of the National Forests in Region-9.

Dr. Coffman is currently President of Environmental Perspectives, Inc. (EPI), and Executive Director of Sovereignty International. EPI focuses on providing professional guidance and training in defining environmental problems and solutions based on Judeo-Christian principles of stewardship as contrasted with pantheistically-based environmentalism. Sovereignty International helps many different organizations to bring a positive message of how national sovereignty, free market enterprise, private property rights, and traditional values are superior to the global treaties and agreements leading to global governance being proposed by the United Nations in September, 2000.

His prospective on how land use is applied in local planning will provide insight as to how your property will be impacted.

Dr. Coffman has written a definitive book that is highly recommended by several conservative members of Congress that exposes the pantheistic environmentalist phenomenon; Saviors of the Earth? The Politics and Religion of Environmentalism. His two most recent DVDs, Global Warming or Global Governance and Global Warming, Emerging Science have received accolades from around the world. He has spoken to audiences in over 150 cities in America, Canada and South Africa and has participated in United Nations meetings in Europe and Africa. In 2010 he published his newest book, Rescuing a Broken America; Why America is Deeply Divided and How We Can Heal it Constitutionally.

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