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Are millions of Christians contributing to the Totalitarian State by not getting involved politically?
Godfather Politics – Gary DeMar – 4/4/42012

Christians would be a large voting-block if a majority of them voted and voted consistently. Unfortunately, too many Christians are under the false belief that whatever the government is doing, they must support it because it is “ordained by God.” Here is an email I received from one such confused Christian. It’s typical of a lot of Christian thinking today:

God does not need Christians to take over governments in order for Him to rule on earth. On the contrary, God says the governments are ordained by Him, and it is our duty to pray for those in authority, not scheme to take over.

1. If there are problems in a particular family or church, shouldn’t we be about fixing the problems? Civil governments don’t get a pass when they do bad things.

2. Speaking out when an elected official violates his oath of office or working to remove a . overnment official from office is not “scheming to take over” government; it’s the way God ordained governments to work, at least here in the United States!

3. It’s the duty of citizens to insure that civil governments stay within their jurisdictional boundaries. This is exactly what the apostle Paul did when he questioned the authority of a civil official regarding his rights as a Roman citizen (Acts 22:23–30) and later appealed to Caesar (25:11).

Read the reader comments for further clarification on this very important topic.

READER COMMENT:  Even Jesus became angry and kicked the money changers out of the temple! If we do nothing in the face tyranny we are as guilty as the the tyrant! And God WILL judge us for that.

READER COMMENT:  Emails such as the one from TD marks the same kind of people who would rather pray for people to come to know Christ, rather than actually do what is commanded at to preach the gospel.  Yes, we are to submit to government, but when the government provides the people the opportunity to be involved in what direction the country moves, Christians should take that opportunity... I would go as far as to say it is their duty.  The reason?  Because morality & truth are never optional in our lives, and are never off limits just because it is a secular government.  Look at Hananiah, Azariah, and Mishael.  Did they submit?  No.  And rightly so.  But they also had no choice.  We do.  Get out and vote people!

READER COMMENT:  I agree totally and actively have been after my brothers and sisters in Christ to become politically see that it is wrong to remain passive in the face of an assault on our Constitution by a marxist see policies put into place that will destroy us all.

Pacifism, which the bible does not teach,  is a parasite on the backs of the courageous. The  unwillingness to get involved in the opposition to evil is to be complicit in its victory.  

READER COMMENT:  Carl Marx, once wrote that, the goal of the Communists was to quote,. “enter into men’s minds and cast God down from his throne.”

READER COMMENT:  True, God is Sovereign, but in his sovereignty he consigned to us OUR WILL and OUR CHOICES. God never ordained ANY leader that allowed or approved of abortion, or that sought to steal from other people or companies to give to people that will not work. He never ordained a man in the White House that would usurp the GOD GIVEN RIGHTS of the American People.

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