Friday, April 20, 2012


Godfather Politics – Gary DeMar – 4/19/2012

The reason our nation is a wreck is that people either don’t know our nation’s governing principles or they don’t care to honor them. Consider the latest statistics on people’s knowledge of the Supreme Court. Five votes on the Supreme Court can make a difference in the lives of 300 million Americans. To be ignorant of the Court and how it works can have disastrous results.

READER COMMENT:  The Department of Education was supposed to leave no kid behind.
The Department of Energy was supposed to make America energy independent.  
The Department of Commerce has done nothing, as we are rapidly becoming totally dependant upon a Communist country for everything.
The Department of State is supposed to provide diplomacy, but we are at war with everyone.
The Department of Defense is on Offense, as millions of invaders slip into the country.
The Department of Housing, and Urban Develpment is watching the destruction of housing and urban cities.
The Department of the Interior is locking up the Interior.
The Department of Agriculture is watching China buy up all our breeding stock, to sell back later as meat.
The Department of the Treasury is filled with Bank Robbers.
The Department of Justice is filled with Criminals.
The Department of Labor is setting labor back to sweat shop conditions.
The Department of Health and Human Services is just now gearing up to make us Unhealthy.
The Department of Transportation wants us to stop transporting ourselves in cars.
The Department of Homeland Security is turning out to be a prison security unit.
One exception "The Department of Labor is setting labor back to sweat shop conditions."  Should read The Department of Labor is making sure Labors don't have to labor to get paid.

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