Saturday, April 21, 2012


Taxes Enough Already?  Just Wait Until ObamaCare Kicks In
The Foundry – Alyene Senger – 4/18/2012

Total Annual Costs of ObamaCare Taxes – 2010 – 2019:  $501 BILLION

Hospital Insurance Tax
Mandate Penalties
Health Insurance Provider Fee
“Cadillac” Tax
Prescription Drug Fees
Ethanol Tax
Medical Device Tax
Business Regulation Costs
Reducing Medical Deductions
FSA Limits

Numerous links and a graph highlight this expensive program.

READER COMMENT: ObamaCare on it's own is a form of Class Warfare, as the policies of this administration have been geared toward moving the economy away from a free market capitalist system, to that of a Government Centered "Nanny State" economy.. When over 50% of a nations economy is run thru a governments complete control, you no longer have a free market, but a socialist model. The "Tax" system (and taxes in general) is just the means of changing the control of the market to these ends, by taking more of the peoples freedoms and income. Once people understand that any "Taxes" are a threat to "freedom" (as our founders realized.) it's easy to understand why ObamaCare (and it's burdensome taxes) is wrong for this country.

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