Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Justice Department fights against Photo ID to Vote

Video – Attorney General Eric Holder’s Ballot almost handed out – Three Minutes
Project Veritas – James O’Keefe – 4/9/2012

Justice Downplays Stunt that Stole Holder’s Vote
Newsmax – Martin Gould – 4/9/2012

The scruffily dressed young man, who is white, went to Holder’s polling station on
Nebraska Avenue
in Washington, D.C., for last week’s primaries and asked if they had Holder registered there. Holder is 61 and black.

He was careful not to claim he was Holder but the poll worker still tried to hand the assistant his ballot once he had confirmed the A.G.’s name was on the roll.

When the young man said he had left his ID in the car, the poll worker told him it wasn’t needed, but O’Keefe’s assistant, who was fitted with a hidden camera, said he would feel more comfortable showing it.

As he left, the man said, “I’ll be back faster than you can say ‘furious,’” a reference to the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal that has ensnared Holder.

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