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GOP USA – Star Parker – 4/16/2012

In his speech at Florida Atlantic University last Tuesday, the president discussed what he called "the defining issue of our time" -- namely, that America is not fair.
We suffer today, he says, from "a shrinking number of people who are doing really, really well, but a growing number who are struggling to get by." We are not a nation (the president never tells us if we ever were) where "everybody gets a fair shot and everybody does a fair share, and everybody plays by the same set of rules."

But if America is unfair today, it is because politicians and government have the power to do exactly what it is that Mr. Obama wants to do -- seize control of the wealth of some and redistribute it to whomever they choose. The Bible that I read every day calls this theft.
But is our economy underperforming because some have more than others, or because some succeed more than others?

. . . in 2009 the top 5 percent of income earners paid almost 60 percent of the funds raised by the federal income tax and the bottom 50 percent paid about 2 percent.

In the president's remarks in Florida, he defined fairness as everybody playing by "the same set of rules." Not only are the tax rules not fair by the president's definition, but in the name of alleged fairness he wants to make them even more unfair.

READER COMMENT:  Fairness is when everyone pays the same rate and the same freight and NOBODY is discriminated against for either success or failure. Fairness is not taking the honest bread from the mouths of one man’s family to feed another’s who refuses to pull his share of the freight. Of course then Obama and the socialists would lose all of their funding and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as well as the Clintons and all others who divide us into socio-economic sub-classes to feed off of.

America’s dream of equality has been turned by the reality of Obama into a socio-economic Obamanite Paternal nightmare, where it has finally been proved that all men and all races can degenerate into the lowest common denominator of dishonestly and manipulation when given the reins of power over people to do good with promises unfulfilled. It is time to elect men of action over men of unfulfilled promise. Good-Bye Barak,,,,,you had your chance and shame on you for what you have done. Your administration has been;
“but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”,,,,,but debt.

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