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Private Businessman responds to Obama: Re: Creating Business
Liberty News – Bob Pritchard – 7/19/2012

Bob’s Rant – By: Bob Pritchard

I know this isn’t the right place and I shouldn’t say this here and it may cause a firestorm that I’m going to regret…but I’m going to vent anyway. President Obama said two things in a speech over the weekend that really ticked me off.

If any of you have ever seen my vehicle parked in front of my office on occassion 7 days a week, at all hours, sometimes around the clock, you might understand why I take exception to that comment.

READER COMMENT: Thought I got this posted already. But just in case. Someone needs to remind Comrade Obama that "We The People PAID FOR ALL THOSE GOVERNMENTS ROADS, INFRASTRUCTURE, ETC. Obama didn't provide it Obama didn't pay for it (other than his tax contributions) WE DID!

WE the people made "all that happen"! That miserable excuse for a leader acts like it came from some alien source and was gifted to America. What a crock! Also someone with 3rd grade math skills can hold a class for that ignorant bozo and illustrate that 15% of one million dollars is a HELL of a LOT MORE than 15% of 50,000 dollars.

AND that is just the capitol gains tax, this does NOT include income taxes and the rate for a millionaire is WAY more than the 28% or so paid by someone making less than $100,000. Check the percentages for yourselves in you little tax book Uncle Sugar provides for you, but you get my point!

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