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Liberty must contest democracy for the sake of the Republic
Freedom Outpost – Joe McMaster – 1/31/2013

Siskiyou County is a part of California that most people have never heard of.  Siskiyou County is about the size of Maine. Full of mountains, rivers, lakes and country folks.

Up until the 1990′s Siskiyou was a good place to be for a working family. Our county was based on the timber industry. Everyone who wanted a job had one. My family had Log truck drivers, mill workers, loggers, timber fallers and even started our own logging outfit just as Clinton and Gore were elected. Our logging company didn’t last long. As the woods were shut down, the mills and logging outfits withered away too. Most of the working people left and the young people went into fire fighting and other government agencies

The politicians started pumping out the legislation, regulation, codes and laws. All of our small communities dried up and became riddled with drugs, alcohol, despair and welfare. The state and county building codes became so ridiculous that contractors left for other states. Our streams became illegal to fish, gold mining was also outlawed.

Siskiyou County – Videos and detail losses due to Agenda 21
Defend Rural America

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