Sunday, February 17, 2013


Right the Rules – Changing one rule at a time
WI State Assembly

Welcome to our website dedicated to Regulatory Reform in Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker and the leadership in the State Assembly are committed to a top to bottom review of the 1,768 chapters in the Wisconsin Administrative Code containing countless rules we all deal with on a daily basis.  If you are a small business person, local government, manufacturer, or just an individual resident of Wisconsin you are affected by these 11,764 pages of rules.

On this website you can find out how we plan on doing this review, what the rules actually say and notices of public hearings that will be taking place dealing with specific rules.  This is a huge undertaking so this site will be changing and adding more information as we go forward.

We also want your input.  If there is a rule or regulation that you find problematic let us know.  This site gives you the ability to put in writing your specific concerns and e-mail those concerns to my office and we will pass those concerns on to the committee dealing with that rule.

We plan on updating this website as we go forward so you will know how many of the 1,768 chapters in the administrative code have been dealt with in March, June, or December of this year.
Thanks for checking out this website.  The success of this project largely depends on the public letting us know their specific concerns.  Hopefully this site will be informative for you but more importantly we hope to hear from you.

Rep. Daniel LeMahieu
Co-Chair Review of Administrative Rules Committee
Please feel free to contact us by calling 608-266-9175 or emailing 

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