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School Choice, a message that resonates
Townhall – Tim Phillips – 2/5/2013

On the issue of school choice free market messaging has been exceedingly potent. The winning message is first, every child deserves the very best education possible, meaning we should allow a child's family choice when it comes to which school they will attend regardless of economic standing, ethnicity, or zip code. Second, innovation and reform to make our children’s' education better should be celebrated rather than shuttered. This simple message overwhelmingly resonates across party lines, across demographic groups and emotionally reverberates throughout our country, because it eloquently expresses a basic notion of fairness that seeks to protect those who are our most precious asset - our children.

One of the most successful state programs is in Louisiana. According to Educate Now, 84 percent of New Orleans public school students are now in charter schools. These charter schools overwhelming help poor, minority, and low-performing students succeed where traditional public schools have failed.

Government employee union lobbies fight this change every step of the way. Just last year the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), which has at least a 39 percent drop-out rate and only 6 of 100 CTU students earn a bachelor’s degree, demanded additional perks for teachers at failing schools. This organization is so out-of-touch, their teachers were focused on haggling about the percentage of pay increases while vast numbers of their students drop out of utterly failing public schools. Such tone deafness is particularly inappropriate with some 12 million Americans looking for work

A Nation still at risk:  The continuing crisis of American Education and its state solution
12-page PDF – Casey Given

Federal education reforms fail in spite of huge spending increases (think teacher pension plans)
Common Core completely ignores a state’s internal inequalities in favor of uniform poor achievement across the nation.

Charter school competition motivates teachers and administrators to do their best in imparting student with a quality education.

Cyber schools spend only $6,500 per pupil on average compared to $10,615 in traditional public schools and are extremely popular due to a rigorous curriculum and are the next frontier in educational reform.

School Vouchers

School Savings Accounts

Merit Pay and Quantitative Teacher Evaluations

The Parent Trigger allows parents to petition to restructure their child’s school after it fails to meet state proficiency standards for three consecutive years.  If a majority of parents sign the petition, their child’s school is required by law to change its administration, shut down completely, or convert to a charter (but at what cost and loss to children during at least three years of inferior instruction?)

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