Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Child raised well is notable achievement
Townhall – Marybeth Hicks – 2/5/2013

Perhaps the best book on parenting in this way is not actually a parenting book at all, but is Paul Tough’s sociological study of children’s character. In “HOW CHILDREN SUCCEED: GRIT, CURIOSITY, AND THE HIDDEN POWER OF CHARACTER,” Mr. Tough reveals that American children — even those mired in poverty and without the advantages of suburban “helicopter parents” — are able to achieve ultimate success not because of what they have or how they do things, but because of who they are.

Mr. Tough’s book confirms what we writer-moms keep saying in column after column, blog after blog: It’s who we are that defines what we do with our lives.
Our kids deserve to learn this — the hard way — which is the only way there is.

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