Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Fed Up:  States Dropping Common Core
Freedom Outpost – Melissa Melton – 4/2/2014
Yesterday, Oklahoma took the first step in potentially following suit, as the state’s Senate passed a bill to repeal Common Core on similar grounds, citing that education standards should be set at the local and state levels instead of being set outside of democratic process by Bill Gates’ money.

Pennsylvania’s House also passed a bill to drop Common Core, and three other states, including Florida, Michigan and Ohio, have also introduced bills to get rid of it.
As New York became the first state to administer statewide Common Core initiative testing this week, some families practiced their own brand of civil disobedience by opting out. Three Brooklyn schools saw as many as 70% of their students refuse to take the state-mandated tests.

As I previously reported back in December, a group of eight New York principals got together and penned a letter expressing their concerns that the Common Core standardized tests were psychologically damaging the children, causing their 3rd through 8th grade students to cry, throw up and have accidents in their pants:

For a program that’s supposed to make kids “college ready,” in the real world, taking the time to perform over 100 utterly pointless, ridiculous, time-consuming steps to do something that would normally (and much more simply and efficiently) be completed in just two isn’t exactly considered a desirable trait in a potential job candidate.

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